AcuDesign: Stitch Out Simulation (SewSimulator)

Embird calls this the Sew Simulator. AcuDesign places this icon on the page



and lets you figure out what to call it. It’s  there above the Hoops and Color  icon in the Editor.


When clicked or touched


The design disappears. In its place is a picture of the typical embroidery machine needle and foot. Note on the far left the menus has been augmented with a couple of new icons. The bottom icon toggles between ‘show the foot” as above or, use cross hair. Either one is positioned at the point where the needle pierces the fabric and making a stitch.


Above that is a number, a turtle, a dot which slides vertically (up and down) followed by a rabbit, and an arrow pointing right at the top. Touch the arrow  and the stitch out begins before your very eyes, with sound! Yes it emulates the sound of your machine stitching. That number near the bottom, just below the turtle, is the stitching speed which in this pic is 600 stitches per minute.  It goes as low 100 SPM. The grey circle slider above the turtle can be touched and held to slide upwards and increase the SPM.  You can also click above or below the slider to change the stitching speed. AcuDesign can simulate stitching all the way up to 10,000 SPM. Fortunately AcuDesign automatically silences the noise.  I think at a certain point the stitching would sound like a train rolling through my house.


I don’t think I’ve ever had or seen a machine that stitches at 10,000 SPM, but the simulation can be helpful when I want to speed through the design. Especially since I haven’t found a way to jump through. With Embird, I could click on colors and some tick marks and move forward without watching as each stitch is set.  Don’t seem to have that option with AcuDesign. So far I can start, speed up, slow down and pause/stop. But not jump from object to object.

Note in the screen above that the right arrow at the top has changed to the standard icon for stop, i.r. the two vertical lines ||.  Giving you the capability of stopping or pausing anytime you like.

The pinch and scrunch finger gestures still work but the Search icon (looking-glass) in the Editor menu across the top of the screen adds some additional functionality. Touch the search icon and


Choose photo realistic or not. It’s a toggle. Touch once photo realistic on. Touch again off.  I like the photo realistic depictions however in Embird that would horribly slow down my computer on certain pages. In Embird I have photo realistic turned off as default.  So far photo realistic has no effect  on the speed with which my IPAD and AcuDesign work. Unless I run into problems later on, I plan to keep AcuDesign in the photo realistic mode.

Also in the Search Menu below the Photo Realistic selector



is a Zoom slider.  It works like the gestures of pinch and scrunch but you touch and slide it back and forth. I also found that touching to the right or left of the circle would change the Zoom level. So another way that you can step back and look at the big picture


or zoom in and count threads. file-dec-15-6-15-34-pm_resize

Once you zoom out and back, the quickest way to return to normal is clicking the 1:1 icon

The icon with the heart? I’m not quite sure what it is just yet. The Search Menu is available in all the Editor Function pages. the Heart Icon didn’t change anything when I clicked it just now. That maybe because I’ve done something that conflicts with it or it maybe ‘turned off for Stitch Simulator’ by AcuDesign.  I just don’t know.  This is one of those places I’m sure I’ll be back to correct  my post.

Another cool tool available in all the Edit pages is this odd-looking ruler in the lower corner of the screen. (I’ve drawn a red X to point it out).


You touch that and roll it out anywhere


I’ve set my default to ‘inches’  back there on the Manager page by opening the  Gear icon. So my ruler measures in inches.  I can measure the entire length or width of the design or I can measure each object.  I really do find this handy. So many times I want to know the size of my design or a portion of it. Often Buzz Explor and Embird (my other 2 embroidery programs I’ve used for years) will measure the hoop, rather than the design. Or they measure the whole and not the parts.  Plus I’m always switching back and forth between inches and cm’s. I speak inches natively. CM’s have to be thought about and converted.  I do have work arounds in Buzz Explor and Embird, but I much prefer AcuDesigns ruler. It is much handier for me.

That’s all I’ve learned out the stitching simulator. I’m sure I’ll be back correcting this post and the others too.  I’m working my way through with few outside references. Personally I don’t find the Help function helpful.  (“?” icon in the upper right corner top of every page). I’ve quit clicking on it. I seem to be learning more useful… stuff by clicking, touching and trying.