AcuDesign: San Disk Flash

Taking a pause in exploring the Editor to play my San Disk Flash wireless drive.

Besides my basic distrust of free internet sites, I also wanted to streamline the process of getting my design to my embroidery design.  I ‘bit the bullet’ and purchased the 32GB San Disk Flash shown above for about $24.  Prices fluctuate.  As I’m writing this I see the 64GB is only $28 and yes I would have bought the larger capacity even though I don’t think I need it. I plan to use this only for embroidery; machine embroidery.  My digitized designs take less than 8GB.  That’s nearly a 35 year collection that fits in 8GB.  I’m sure the 32 will do fine plus I’ve noticed that the embroidery machines seem to identify and load designs faster when the capacity of the drive is smaller. I appreciate faster working technology..  But I digress… I envision

  1. Copying all my designs onto the San Disk Flash
  2.  AcuDesign reading the Flash
  3. My doing a little editing using AcuDesign Editor
  4. Saving the edited design to Flash
  5. Carrying Flash to my Embroidery machine which reads the file and stitches out my design.

Will it work that way?

I plugged Flash into my PC for charging.  The instruction say to allow 2 hours. I came back the next day.  It’s just habit with me to get new technology and plug it in overnight for charging.  When I cam back to my Win8 PC, I use the File Explorer to locate the disk and then copied some embroidery files from the PC to Flash.  No pics of this process because I’m using standard Windows procedures. If you’re a Windows user, you should already know these procedures. If you’re an Apple user, your procedure will be slightly different and truthfully, I’m not the one to be guiding you.  I’m a babe when it comes to the Apple ways of doing things.

Thankfully the files transferred rapidly and I retired to my easy chair with Flash in hand.  I looked up the user’s manual using Safari on my IPAD and followed instructions to download the San Disk Connect Wireless app. In order to use Flash I had to connect to it through Settings->WIFI selecting Others and scrolling through the list until I found the SanDisk Flash <MACaddress>.   Opps as in real life, I forgot to mention to powered on Flash by pushing on the side button.  Neither, the app nor the IPAD can see Flash if it is powered off.  So I powered on Flash, navigated to Wifi->Others->SanDisk and connected immediately. Relaunched the SanDisk Connect Wireless app which found, connected and started a slide show with tips for using Flash. Glad to see my embroidery files and I also noticed that picture files were iconized.  I didn’t include photos because this paragraph concerns itself with standard IPAD and maybe Apple procedures. You should know these things from your previous experience with other apps.

It’s at this point that I launched AcuDesign. The drive is a waste of money to me if I can’t use it with AcuDesign. So I opened AcuDesign and the Manager.  I rarely even pause at the Splash Screen although I am aware there are icons/functions on that page. On the Editor I click the Import Icon


When the Import windows opened, I clicked San Disk Flash


The first time through, it cranked for a few of seconds making me wonder if this was going to work? or did I buy the right San Disk Flash?  But in less than 30 seconds a file directory of my Flash was displayed


Knowing where I had saved files, I touched the ‘BrotherRussia’ to open that subdirectory and scrolled down.  I have both subdirectories and single files. I already  know that I can ‘drill down’. I want to know if AcuDesign will read and retrieve files. To my delight, individual files and their icons appeared


I touched the Rose at the top (DO13_10_02.pes) which places a check mark in the far right column


and then touched Download at the bottom, right corner of the screen. You think it’s going to download, right? No now, just like with DropBox, it gives you a chance to organize the designs being imported on the next screen. The design will automatically be placed in the Imported category. By clicking the arrow in the far right hand column


all the categories are displayed for selection


I touched flower. I’m not sure I’ll be using this particular feature beyond sharing it in my posts. Typically, I choose a design. Edit it. Stitch it out and when my project is done, I move the file except for the original to a “Completed or Archive” subdirectory on my PC. My PC has a 500GB hard drive and I have a Terra back up drive. I expect that I will import files to AcuDesign. Save what is needed onto the Flash and delete anything on AcuDesign. But for now, just realize that AcuDesign can be used as a manager for all your embroidery files and that AcuDesign will store a copy in as many categories as you would like.

Once I had completed my category selections, I touched ‘Save’ at the top and when this screen appeared, I touched ‘Done’.


I double checked that my file had been imported in both the All Designs and Flower, Import Categories.

2016-12-16_12-30-10_resize 2016-12-16_12-30-22_resize

A little Manager hint here.  I’ve been playing and importing lots of files. I’ve filled up the Imported row in All Designs. I didn’t immediately see my design. First I clicked on “View More” (circled in red)


..then AcuDesign expanded and displayed my new file. Another very good reason for my deleting files after I’ve used them could be that they always readily display. No extra click on “View More” and slight delay.

A real pleasure was exporting the file to Flash. Then taking Flash to my embroidery machine to plug into the USB port.  AND IT WORKED!


My embroidery machine had no issues reading and importing the design from Flash into her memory.

Right now, I’d the process is a little different than I expected.

  1. Copying all my designs onto the San Disk Flash
  2.  AcuDesign will import the file(s) from Flash
  3. My doing a little editing using AcuDesign Editor
  4. *Exporting the edited design to Flash
  5. Carrying Flash to my Embroidery machine to read my edited file and stitch out my design.

There are a number of management options I’m still considering. For example, I could  leave all my files in DropBox instead of copying them to the Flash drive. In which case, I would import designs from DropBox, edit and export to Flash. I could continue with my original plan to copy all the files onto Flash then delete the files from DropBox and even delete my DropBox account.  But then what happens if Flash dies? (USB drives are famous for self-termination). I’m still learning AcuDesign so not ready to make lasting decision just considering possibilities.

**Exporting  to San Disk Flash is the same process as  exporting to DropBox except select San Disk Flash instead of DropBox. Also the Flash subdirectory is not preset i.e. hard coded. For easy, fast retrieval,  I’ll be leaving my edited files in the root of Flash.