AcuDesign: Editor: Color, Thread

It’s not always necessary for me to change the hoop color. I’m glad to know that I have that feature when I need it, but I’m most anxious to get onto changing the thread colors. Starting at the Manger Menu again and touching my CED design

BTW, I’m not sure if this is a purchased or free design from CinDesEmbroidery Designs.  She has a fabulous (IMO) selection of designs;  all reasonably priced or FREE. This design is several years old and yet still trendy.


opening the Editor


Before proceeding to the Color menu, I’d like to point out a few things on the pic above about Edito. The green arrows are pointing to 2 purple/magenta lines. Both lines have little numbers along side which indicate  how long and wide/tall the design is. Handy information that is!

Look towards the top of the stack of icons to the right and find the Hand.  (Reminds me of the Pillsbury TV commercials).  That is the Select Icon.  I can’t really create the best tutorial with color selections because I don’t fully comprehend the selection tool. It doesn’t work the way I expect. It doesn’t work like the other selection tools I’ve worked with. I’d take pix and ask for help except that the touch marks I make for selection convert into boxes. the touch marks disappear before I can snap a screen shot. I’m sure as I work more with AcuDesign and even spawn a few searches,  I will learn most if not everything this Select tool does. For now,  take my tutorial with a grain of salt. Please understand that AcuDesign is more powerful than my illustrations.

So let’s get back into editing my thread colors for my project i.e click the Color Pallet icon


While I occasionally change the hoop color, I nearly always change thread colors.  I have color preferences  for clothing and home dec. On those rare occasions I embroider for someone else, I take their color preferences into consideration. Once spent several hours with DH editing the colors of a bird because he insisted the default-while very lovely to my eyes-was WRONG. (Yep big letters.) Anyway, once you touch the Pallet icon the left hand side expands into the Color Menu. At the top is the Fabric selection (discussed in my previous post). Just below that a scrolling list of the thread colors specified by the current design (Design Thread Colors).  Skip the next row of icons for now. Following that is a big scrollable list of thread spools. I’ve already set my preferred threads to Marathon which can be updated by clicking the middle icon of the row we skipped


To change my designs colors, I need to work in that bottom scrollable list.   Even knowing that the physical thread color will not be exactly the same,  I like to see them on-screen.  I’ve yet to find a time when what looked good together on the screen didn’t look good together when stitched.  But I have found that the color on-screen was not exactly the color I wanted and after  test stitching, was replaced with my desired thread color.

As I said, not real skilled here with the selector.  I used the rubber tip of my stylus and touched the object I wanted a to be a different color. Then scrolled through the Spools touching each of the reds until I found my desired thread color 2182. A couple of things to note here:


When I touched the object in the design on the right, nothing happened. No check mark. No bells. Whistles.  I touched it several times and finally decided to take it on faith that a selection had indeed taken place.  When I scrolled through list and selected  a color lots of things happened.  On the left, the thread name and number changed in the thread menu below the fabric selection. So AcuDesign is saying this object in this stitch files now uses this color. Next row  displays the name of thread, color and the color number in what was a blank rectangle. In the Spools a little check mark appears in the bottom right of the spool. (I’ve almost covered the check mark with my big blue pointing arrow). In the screen above, I’ve  finished selecting in turn each of the objects  I wanted to be red and then selected the desired red color in the Spools. Try as I might, I never figured out how to select all 3 objects and change their colors at the same time.  It might be because the 3 objects were 3 different colors. It might be I’m just dumb. Also note on the right side at the top, along the Clothes Line, that each of the objects has also changed colors. (Ummm clothes line is a subject for a whole post.)

Selecting thread colors was a little frustrating for me because of the way I work. It’s a case when prior knowledge holds you back or at least slows you down. As usual,  I started with my project, the FTT’s, and matched thread colors to my FTT’s.


I noted the color numbers and then came to AcuDesign to change the colors of the digitized design.  In Embird, I pop up the color selection, search by number and in nano seconds have the color selected. I’m also able to select and change multiple objects at the same time;  in Embird. In AcuDesign, I’m not that smart. Adding to my frustration, the only way to identify the color name and number is by touching the spool.  When the spool is touched, that 3rd row changes from a blank rectangle to information about the thread


While I found my first color 2182 quickly, I touched nearly every blue icon trying to find 2266 and the color on the screen is definitely not the same as in my  FTT or the matching spool:


I’ve yet to discover an order i.e. number or  color name in which the spools are arranged. Hopefully, that’s something I can come back later and correct.  As with the red, I had to touch each object I wanted to change to blue, then scroll the Spools to select thread blue. One good thing, after I found ‘my blue’ the first time. It had the little check mark in the lower right of the spool. I was able to more quickly locate the ‘right’ blue by scrolling down to the spool with the check mark. Which brings up another point. When I selected the next object, the Design Thread Colors and Spools menus scrolled to that objects color. Not sure if I like this feature or not. But I have the colors selected for my design.

Before I go, I mean close this post, I want to point out this is time when I rearrange stitchout order. I’d rather thread my machine 2 times than 7. Which is what would happen if I stitched this design out now. So I want to rearrange my objects to so they stitch without me changing back and forth. Turns out, this is an easy-peasy task. Along the top of the Editor window is the Clothes Line so called because it appears that each object is attached to a clothes line with clothes pins.  Stitchout will take place in the same order as the objects are pinned to the Clothes Line. To change, touch and hold, then drag to the new order. Sorry, this is not something for which I could take a screen shot. It’s almost cute and accompanied by sound. You’ll know.  I was not able to touch and hold multiple objects (think I’m just not smart enough, yet) So I touched the 2nd Red object and moved infront of  the last red object.clothesline01_resize

Touch, hold and move the first red object in front of the 2nd red object.  My objects were now all in the stitching order I desired.


I clicked the < at the top of the Editor Menu and returned to the Manager where I verfied that my design had been saved in “My Designs” and I still had the original in “Imported” categories.


I think it’s a really great feature for AcuDesign to assume if you made changes, you’d like to keep them. Saving the changes but not replacing the original. There are times I really make a mess of things. Even the Undo button is too much trouble. It might be nice if AcuDesign were to ask “Y/N Do you want to save a copy?”. But for every person like me who thinks that would be a great idea, there’s another person who says “For heavens sake, just make the copy. How can I turn that question off?”  I do like that AcuDesign is automatically making copies.  I wouldn’t buy a different program just because AcuDesign doesn’t confirm the save.