AcuDesign: Combining(Merging) Designs

One of the things I do most in Embird is merge designs or parts of designs.  With Embird you open the first design then select “file->merge” to add a second or third. I was hoping AcuDesign would allow me to tag/select two designs and open both at the same time. Nope.

Here’s my current  situation. I have created the exact the border design I want to stitch on my FTT’s. I could take that design to my Ruby, add a basting stitch, position my towel and stitch away. But that’s an awful lot of stabilizer wasted. Even using a smaller hoop won’t save much. There is a way to maximize the use of the stabilizer and that’s by embroidering multiple FTT’s in the same hoop. Placement is a concern. I want to be sure I’m stitching out the design centered and approximately 1.5″ above the bottom edge. Also, I don’t hoop towels. Gave that up when I first discovered sticky stabilizers.  So for me to embroider towels, I stitch out a placement line, align my towel up next to that and then place a WSS  topper on top the towel.  I use WSS all the time but it’s especially important on towels to keep the stitches from disappearing into the fabric.  I want the WSS to stay in place, not drift or fold so I create a basting line box about where the design will stitch out. With towel in hoop and WSS on top, I run the basting stitching.

I use this procedure so often that I have digitized  a hoop with the placement and basting stitches already created.  I imported that into AcuDesign


I need to merge or combine my 2 existing designs, 13INFTTC and the Cedfunkyborder. How? Well remember I said that you duplicate anywhere by copy and paste? That’s what we’ll do here.

I open my CED design  just edited and saved.


I click the Hand/Select icon first, then the All button which places the selection block around all my objects. Then I click the Copy icon at the top right. NO don’t click paste now. We don’t want to paste it in this screen, this hoop we want it in the other hoop.  There’s no way of knowing, you just have to take it on faith that AcuDesign has placed a copy of design into the IPAD’s memory.  It’s waiting for use anywhere.  Where do we want it? I touch Done (top screen left), then exit.  Back at the Manager I touch my placement and baste hoop to open it and pinch so I can see the entire hoop.


NOW  click Paste. Like that both designs are in the same hoop.


I think this is slick. Maybe even easier than Embird. I may have to see if Embird has a similar function. But there’s an issue. The hoop has turned pink indicating that something is not inside the hoop. It’s my just pasted design.  It needs to be rotated to fit. I touch the purple buttons once which activates the rotate functions. Then touch and hold on the upper left  corner …


…pulling to the right until the design has flipped/rotated to a vertical position.

Note: you can use any of the 4 corner buttons. I rotated in this direction because I want the Red object to stitch out closest to the towel hem.  I know that I will be stitching the Right set first. Then adding a 2nd towel  and stitching the left set.  I know that I will be placing the towels hems above the placement lines and letting the bulk of the towel hang over the embroidery arm.  I don’t like the bulk of anything under the harp.  Too much possibility for traping it under the hoop and embroidering it. 


Rotating did not go well for me the first few tries.  Oh it rotated fine but I could not stop at just the right point to be perfectly vertical. Oh how I miss those Embird icons. I did get it right, eventually. Which makes me think this may be one of those skill things so  I will continue to work with rotating in AcuDesign.  Once rotated, I touched and held  the center of the design and moved/drug the design to where I wanted it within my basting box.  Satisfied, I touched the Copy and Paste icons at the top creating a duplicate of the upright CED border and then touched and held to move the duplicate border to the basting box on the right.


I exported this design to Dropbox. My plan is to export to my SanDisk Flash but I didn’t feel comfortable about the positioning. I knew I wanted to check it in Embird.

I downloaded the now vertical and duplicated border from Dropbox onto my PC and opened with Embird. I know how I want this lined up.  I’ve already measured my towels. They have a 1/2″ selvage hem. I want the border to stitch out about an inch above that. I confess that I spent about 10 minutes further editing in Embird both pinpointing the designs placement vertically and horizontally and I also changed the placement of my   basting objects.


Before saving and exiting Embird, I also added trim codes. I don’t know if AcuDesign adds those codes.  I want them. If I discover the codes are never added, I will always be finishing in Embird. I don’t mind a few minutes at the big PC especially if I get to spend the bulk of my selecting/editing time in my easy chair with AcuDesign. In fact, I anticipated that I might have to plan on some editing either in Embird or my embroidery machine because of AcuDesigns known limitations.