Under the weather..

I had an almost finished embroidered T, which will need to be washed before pics and fabric laid out for a new pair of 906’s (my favorite jean pattern) but this CRUD I picked up about the time the Bush’s were hospitalized is dominating my days. And nights. Like most others with this ‘stuff’, I’m living on Sudafed which messes with my sleep and makes me feel tired during the day — but I can breathe when I’m laying down. With my nose, I could pass for Rudolf (the Red Nose Reindeer) and I’m dehydrated all the time. But as I said, Sudafed makes breathing possible.  I have done some machine knitting. Mostly because the MK is upstairs while sewing is downstairs. Downstairs requires an exhausting trip down and back up. I know from my trips to do the laundry. Housework is nil. I even needed DH’s help to change the sheets.   Point is I’m what we used to call ‘under the weather’ and have nothing blog.

I’ll be back when I get over this CRUD.