Styling, the Final Step in Making Clothes Work For Me


Despite the fact I am once again badly in need of a haircut, I thought I would share how I styled the disappointing peach T-shirt so it would be acceptable to me. I’d rather not be confined to always wearing a 3rd layer. Fortunately I have a few that will work with this T-shirt so that I can enjoy the beautiful embroidery.


The wonky fitting has disappeared. OK been completely hidden by my vest. I wore it all day long  (acquiring a few wrinkles in my vest) and can happily report that it did not stretch completely out of shape. Unlike the earlier garment, this T had facings to stabilize the neckline and back; and shoulder pads providing further support. Nonetheless, I’m glad it’s no longer in my stash.  I’m still contemplating tossing all the ancient fabrics.