A Different Ripper

It happens. A sewing Booboo. It happens so often with machine sewn  buttonholes that I wrap the buttonhole area with water-soluble thread. That way when the button-hole is bad, I can easily shave it off.  The last time I messed up a button-hole was on this lovely test of the Tabula Rasa Blouse

Click pic to read about the blouse.

Can’t blame the machine. No, I didn’t have the blouse front perpendicular to machine’s throat place. The buttonhole was obviously set on a diagonal. To make matters worse, I didn’t add WSS before stitching buttonholes. Could it be worse? Yes, I couldn’t find the shaver I keep in the Stash Room for this very purpose.  I did however have one of these next to the embroidery machine

These are called Eyebrow Shapers. Available in most drug stores and invaluable for sawing through Birds Nests on the embroidery machine. I grabbed the handy one to see if it would work.

I found I needed to hold it perpendicular to the sewn thread. That meant the last sewn threads are zig zags and I sawed up and down across them.  The first stitches of this buttonhole are straight stitches that already run perpendicular to the edge. I rotated the shaper 90 deg now sawing horizontally across those threads. I finished by using my thumbnail to scrap away the remaining and already cut threads.

To my delight, I was done in about 3 minutes. No harm done to the blouse fabric but I was careful and checked often.