Neckline Repair

Remember this gorgeous slinky T with the lace inserts:

I used FOE to finish the neckline.  Did a careful job.  Even  joined the FOE on the bias for the smoothest flattest join. First time through the wash:

RUINED.  I know the pic is hard to see. Imagine a furry black caterpiller crawling along the FOE join.  No way I was wearing it like that; and I couldn’t repair the FOE.  I had it hanging trying to decide if I dare cut it off thereby lowering the neckline too much for my modesty; or throwing the T away.   When a possible fix occurred to me.

I used 1″ wide, commerical bias tape cut in 2″ long strips.

Stitched to the public side WST. Folded up and over the edge and top stitched again on the public side, but right along the folded edge. That caught the strip on the underside. At which point, I trimmed the excess bias tape.

I wanted to be sure the ruined FOE was covered and stayed covered. So I stitched down one side, across the long side and up the other side of the visible bias tape.

Looked odd to  have that one piece of commercial tape so I mirrored it on the other side of the neckline

and for good measure, repeated on the front:

PS lace sticking up in the back? That my tag in the back. Yeah, I can get confused in the morning and put my T on backwards.