Spring Clothing Review: Pants

Every few years, I find I have far more clothes than I do clothes hangers.  I do not buy more hangers. No my issue is that I sew a lot and I experiment with my sewing. A lot. It creates this situation of more hangers than clothes. And a need for a clothing purge.

I concentrated my review  on clothes that will work for me this spring and again this fall knowing that these clothes can on occasion be useful even during very hot and equally cold weather conditions. Why? Well they are  transition clothing. They are not designed for the extremes of weather, but all the in-betweens.

This spring I decided to cull by some specific qualities. First, was there was something wrong with the garment?  A ripped seam. Missing button. Freyed edge. That kind of ‘wrong’ stuff. Second criteria: fit. Not the ‘big enough to get around me’ fit but the other pull lines that say there is something wrong with my garment. Like the endless sequence of pants with these wrinkles:

BTW the pants above were particularly disheartening for me. I though I had an epiphany. I thought that Peggy Sagers pants fitting method was THE ANSWER to fitting pants for my body. To my dismay pants worn often enough and long enough  developed the same pull lines I’ve hated for years.  Let me say that again:   even though when originally fit the pants did not have these wrinkles, over time the wrinkles appear.

I gave pants considerable thought and realized that there were multiple factors causing my pain. For one, fabric and supplies. While they may have been good to start with, over time they stretched as best as possible to accommodate my figure and posture. I gave thought to replacing elastics. For this batch of pants that would mean an awful lot of ripping. I can think of ways that would make it easier for me to replace elastics in the future but for now (especially those pairs which appear to also be too tight across my bum),  I think I’ll just let go.

Another factor may be that I don’t totally get Peggy’s fitting method.  I need to both correct the sharp pulling down at CB waist, and pooling for fabric beneath the bum. I’ve only been applying the latter.  I need to experiment with correcting for both. Or replace elastic every 3 months.  Or eliminate Yoga pants from my wardrobe.   I’m still on the fence about the Yoga Pant.

Not shown above are all the lantern pants I’ve made and discarded. For the longest, I couldn’t figure out why I didn’t like them. I should love any pant which doesn’t have or develop the dreaded X wrinkles and bagginess below the bum. I think lantern pants looks fine on others, so why did I dislike them so much?  Finally I realized, I’m always trying to make myself look taller and the lantern leg shortens the leg making me look shorter.  So for sure, Lantern Pants are out of the line up (I do want to look taller).

Also not shown are the the 90% of my DG2 jeans which I still wear regularly.  I did go up 3 sizes. 1 so as not to have negative ease.  2nd one because I like a little more than zero ease. 3rd  when I moved to plus petite sizing to have enough waistband length. The DG2 pants I’ve discarded were because the waistbands shrank and became uncomfortable.

All my TJ906’s jeans are in rotation. They also tend to be discarded for shrinkage. I know it is shrinkage because when I make the next pair, I use the same exact pattern and the jeans are slightly too large.

I was surprised to realize that I have exactly 2 pairs of pants made from PP113 and none from the Eureka pattern. Partly this is because I tend to make a dressier pant with PP113 and Eureka whereas I live in jeans. But I know if I could fit a nice slim legged slack (16-18″ at the hem), I would wear them.  PP113 and the Eureka patterns have many differences in draft but on my body look nearly the same. The PP113 takes slightly less fabric (I can always get a pair out of 2 yards. Cant’ say that about the Eureka.)  Probably for that reason I’ve done the most work and have the most variations in tissue.


Black pants:  NONE I have an overabundance of black in every style I wear.

BLUE:  At least one each 906 and PP113

Brown:  Ditto. One jeans, one slacks.


Note to self:  Purge the pants pattern stash. I only use 2 patterns. Why am I cluttering my space with all those other patterns?).


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  1. purge pant patterns??? OMG isn’t that sacrilegious?? I hear you I should do the same I still have 3 style arc’s I haven’t made yet and found the peraco pattern and want to try it! I don’t have a lot of closet room now – but I’m dressed for church and am wearing a SW top I made 10 years ago – first time for everything!!

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