Summer Closet Review

I’m starting the year with 4 (3 if you don’t count the 3/4-sleeve on the far left) short sleeve tops. I don’t keep many of these because I don’t find my local weather to really be conductive to this half-measure.  I either need to cover my arms or I want the max air circulation possible and that means no sleeves. But for about a week at the beginning of summer and another week late in fall, the short sleeve top is my friend.  Keeps the chill off my shoulders in the AM, but is cool enough for the rest of the day.

Let me back up and say I don’t even  keep many short sleeve tops. When I sorted out the closet there were 8 which includs RTW T-shirts. When I looked at the pics, 4 were discarded. Well they are going in the donate box. I don’t like the big V’s that form on the side the result of my rounding back.  I know the cause of those drapes now; and I know how to fix them. There’s no need for me to tolerate any top with that fit issue.