The Photobucket Effect

When I first started blogging  8 years ago, I tried out a number of ‘free’ hosting sites. I settled on Photobucket to host my few pics because it was the easiest site to use and was independent of my blog host (blogger at the time).  That worked well  especially through my change from blogger to WordPress.  Over the years, I opened a 2nd account because I had uploaded many photos and my organization sucked. Eventually WordPress solved their photo hosting issues and as I was writing my posts I uploaded my pics directly to them.

Times passes. My hardware changed. My cloud needs changed. I contracted with OneDrive for my other files.  I am, I thought, a snug little bug with a place for my public files (WordPress,Photobucket) and a place for my personal files (OneDrive.) This week Photobucket notified me, and all other users, that they would no longer support 3rd party hosting for free accounts.  Photobucket has been after me for the last few years to pay them money monthly or annually.  I keep resisting because I really don’t need any other services. Just the hosting of my blog photos. But it seems they intend to take that away.  I checked to see what it would cost to continue hosting my pics at Photobucket. $2.49 was the price quote me. I have 2 accounts so that would be $4.98. Per month. I checked around to see if I was reading and understanding what Photobucket was saying and discovered  several topics where people said that the $2.49 was incorrect. To get what I wanted, unlimited bandwidth for all my pics,  would be closer to $400 annually. Apparently there is some fine print attached to the $2.49 quote.

So guys, I’m not sure how many photos I have on Photobucket, but I’m not paying $400/annual to host a few pics of my butt. Especially since I have the OneDrive account for which I pay $7.44 monthly. I’m not closing my Photobucket accounts either. But I suspect here shortly you’ll no longer be able to see those old pics. I wonder what this will do to Pinterest?  (When I joined Pinterest I was stunned at how many times my butt appeared in my feed. Apparently a lot of people enjoyed my pants fitting umm adventures. ) Will those pics disappear or links dead? So I’d recommend any of my posts you bookmarked  be copied and saved elsewhere.  I’ve got no problems with someone printing out a page to follow as they work through one of my procedures. But PLEASE  don’t pass on my work and my photos as your own and don’t make any money off my work. Give me credit.  I appreciate a good word here and there.

I will work at transferring the photos and making them visible from OneDrive but  It’s going to take time.  I’ve worked out a procedure. Each photos needs to be saved locally. Uploaded to OneDrive. One Drive must generate an embedded link  which I then copy and paste into the relevant post. Post must then be updated. One a good day, it takes about 2 minutes per pic. Again, don’t know how many pics I have out there, so no idea of the total time involved.  For a while,not sure how long, there may be duplicate pics.

I wonder if those of you who selected email notices will receive something every time I update picture links?  I don’t know. I can tell from my stats that most of my old posts aren’t accessed at all.  I’m not making this a crisis type situation just because Photobucket has their nose out of joint.  I’ll get it done, when I get it done.   Besides, from the chatter I expect many to abandon Photobucket.  Enough member losses and Photobucket could change their mind.