Autumn 2017 6 Piece Collection (6PAC)

I’ve long since filled out my plans for coordinating 6 piece wardrobes in my base colors (black, navy and chocolate brown) so with every announcement of the new season, I review and replace. Update. Freshen. Starting with  Chocolate brown my usual base but switching up to a medium, warm brown and coordinating with a range of medium to dark olive greens. Not my usual colors but colors that  have somehow slipped into the stash and are occuplying valuable real estate.  Truth is, they are nice fabrics that I’d like to wear but just havent figured out how to incorporate them and maintain my goal to keep my best colors near my face. Oh and keep me looking as tall as I can. Um yes and as slim as I can. But lets move along…

I spent some quality time in the stash picking out fabrics. I know I’ll be using my TNT patterns the Tabula Rasa Jacket/Blouse and Tee; B6299 princess seamed top, and the newly, almost fitted Vaness pants. Looking back I see that Silhouette Patterns S3200 is also almost fit.While Vanessa is slim legged, S3200 is a wide trouser.  Trousers are generally less demanding to fit and I think I just want to remove some of the drag lines on the side above the hip.  With that analysis done, I’m ready to share my plan

My pics are a little off. The greens match the green of the striped fabric in the upper left corner. From the pics, you’d think all 3 are different hues. The cream of the jacquard in the upper right colors matches the cream and not the white stripe of the same fabric. The warm browns do not match the stripe but they are much closer than the pics show. They are the same hue as the strip just not the same tone.

I think I’d like to use the crepe from the fabric bottom right as piping on the blouses. So first up Sally’s Pant 3200 in a 100% rayon crepe.