Walmart Collection: Short Ruana

To create the garment above, which I’m obviously loving, I started with a wrap purchased from Walmart, ummm, some time in the last 3 years.

It’s really a lot like the Ruana  which is why I’m calliing it the Short Ruana but then again not.

The back, is a big rectangle. Straight across the hem and side but  with sloped shoulders.  There are 2 fronts, each slightly less than half the width of the back, also with the sloped shoulders.

Back  ———-    Front on top of Back

The shoulders are sewn together. An armscye is left open from shoulder down about 14″ then then side seams are joined. I attached a band around the neck edge and front and fringed the hem.

I really like this shrug.  It is well-behaved like SP083, not sliding off shoulders or catching things as I walk by, but much more attractive and much more fabric conserving. SP083 tends to drop in swags beneath the underarm and puddles unattractively at the back hem. I wouldn’t wear this in a blizzard, but it is perfect for inside or out and about on a nice Autumn day.

To make the pattern pieces, yes I made a pattern, I folded the Walmart Shrug inside itself, effectively quartering it, and traced the back. For the front, I cut a copy of the back and then removed  2″ along the  CF.

This is a knit fabric recently acquired from I knew just looking at the pic on the site it would be beautiful as a wrap. I placed the pattern cross-grain so I could run the stripe vertically instead of horizontally.  I used a mere 40″ of a 54″ wide fabric. I habitually use a ‘with nap’ layout but I wanted to really conserve fabric, just to see how little was possible. I laid the pieces out with the hems on the edges and the shoulders touching at the center of the fabric. My stripes did not match over the shoulder.  I used a second, solid-black, fabric to cut 2.5″ strips folded in half for a wide piping in the shoulders — a cheat which I find distracts the eye resulting in  the viewer not even noticing the mismatch.

Using the same black fabric, I cut 2 strips 4.5″ wide, folded in half; joined at CB for the neck and stitched the length of the fronts. I fringed the hem 3″ using my by now familiar painters tape method.  I serged, turned and stitched the armscyes before stitching the side seams.

Especially surprising was how well it looks with the recently completed beaded beauty up cycle.

To me, it looks like this outfit was planned. I did not. I made the fabric purchase without considering the dress and up cycle. In fact the dress was at the time of the fabric purchase in the box to be donated. I think it’s a case of I pretty careful to limit my purchases to colors and fabrics I already wear. A new fabric nearly always works with something in the stack or in the closet.

This shrug is now definitely part of my Holiday Dressing. As for SP083 I’m unlikely to use it again given that this needs little fabric, did not confuse me and is so much more attractive.

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