Camuto’s Stretch Woven Pant (Silhouette Patterns 3218)

I did not intend to work on this pattern, well for ages.  I really was thinking of making the other new Silhouette Patterns blouse and wrap patterns and then after getting your input, I would compare my new Oct Bowl  to 5682 View B and make some more changes.  Might even make a new muslin — of 5682. But I am tired of fighting with 5682–3 muslins 30 fittings. I’ve done so much I can’t keep it straight.

And, I’m all fired up over the Fall SP patterns. I was especially excited during the Weekly Broadcast by the description of  the pant as …a slimmer pant drafted especially for stretch wovens finishing with a 12″ hem circumference…. Oh be still my beating heart. ” Exactly what I have been hunting for to wear on my plus sized body!  But I have to say I am tired of making pants muslins. Muslin after muslin. Fitting after fitting. Trying this. Trying that.  I am tired of this nonsense.  Wouldn’t my time be better spent making the 2 other new Silhouette Patterns?

Sigh, I was really drooling over the Camuto pant. So I said “OK. Make 1 muslin. Limit it to 6 fittings. It it isn’t near perfect at that point, trash it for a time when I don’t have other exciting patterns in hand. (I have all 4 of the Peggy’s new pattern, plus one from last year. Not to mention the POM’s in the file that I’m not interested in making.)


And so it begins.  Read my full post here