I have a plan

Not a sewing plan but a cancer treatment plan.  It is such a relief to know what I shall be doing to get well. First, my diagnosis is still not pinpointed.  I have Serous Adenomacarcinogen but the biopsy did not distinguish between ovarian or uterine. My oncologist, whom I liked immediately, said the exact diagnosis isn’t a problem because the treatment is the same for both and pathology will tell us for sure after the operation. I am having a medi-port installed Jan 3 and will have the first of 3 chemo treatments the next day.  One nice thing, after this first treatment in Sioux Falls (3 hour 1 way trip which means I will be paying for a hotel room overnight) I will recieve my other chemo treatments weekly at a location only 1 hour away. (Up and back in one day!)  They use something like Skype but especially for the Avera Medical System, so he can check in and see me while I am being treated at the remote location.Kewl, huh? After the 3 treatments, I should have surgery followed by 3 more treatments.

OK the bad news, I am already Stage IV.  I must make satisfactory progress after the first 3 treatments or, he didnt say.   This is very serious with less than 15% of the diagnosed surviving 5 years.  The surgery may affect my liver, stomach and bowels because the  CT scan showed tumors in these areas.

Would you like to pray for me?  Pray that my Tumour Markers significantly drop from 3000 by the end of the first set of chemo treatments.  Normal is 35.  Ive got a lot of improving to do.

Again, thank you for your kind comments and many prayers.  I need both and am so glad you freely gave both


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  1. I am glad u have a plan to move forward. For me the un planned time was very hard. I will be praying like the dickens! On a practical note, check with the hotel u r staying at / and the cancer center to see if they do discounted hotel for your treatment. Also, plan to take food and comfy stuff so you can be comfortable for the ride home. I will pray you feel good for traveling.

    Thanks for keeping us posted. You don’t know this, but your blog was one of the things that got me thru all of my surgeries and treatments, so I’ll be here to get u thru too! Remember that those statistics are just that. Plenty of people get past 5 years, so don’t let the numbers bring you down!

  2. I will continue to pray for you. Remember your most comfy slippers, maybe socks too. And that you are very important to a lot of us who haven’t met you yet.

  3. Please know that you have my prayers constantly both for the markers to reduce and for complete healing as well. God Bless!

  4. I don’t know why I clicked on your page, maybe I was driven here by divine intervention. I have said a prayer for you, and will be praying for you all the way from Philadelphia, PA. Be well.

  5. You certainly have my prayers as do your family and friends and your health care team! God be with you!

  6. I’ve “known” you for a long time through Stitchers Guild and your blog, and I consider it an honor and privilege to pray for you.

  7. Sending prayers of healing and comfort. I have been following your blog for many years and always appreciate your posts.

  8. sdBev, Big hugs to you!!! I’ll be praying for you every day. I know you from Stitchers Guild forum though I haven’t been there for a while now. Have you considered drinking the Essiac Tea?

  9. Bev, I’ve been thinking about you all day yesterday and today. I hope all is going well as you embark on your treatment plan.

  10. Good luck and God Bless Bev, prayers being sents from Nottinghamshire, England for you and your medical team.

  11. I have a dear neighbor who had stage 4. She went through chemo and surgery. Lost her hair and proudly “wore” her beautiful bald head for many months. She is now 7 years past. I will pray for you. Jtl

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