Happy Days

I will have a Big C update before I go for my next infusion but today and in at least one other post, I want to share my utter happiness.  I have improved enough that I can walk down the stairs to my Sewing and Stash rooms.  I walk behind DH on the way down, in front on the way up. It is a slow trip.  But I make it!  I can sew!!!!! Well I can be in my Sewing and Stash rooms for about an hour.  Even an hour and a half just plain tuckers me out.

I spent the first day just putting things away. I did some more serge finishing and prewashing. Yeah, those little packages of fabric keep arriving.  I’ve already confessed this weakness:  If I can’t sew I shop for fabric.  But on the other days, which is nearly every afternoon,  I have been able to really sew.  I made a padded strap cover for DH.  He has a bag he likes to hang around his neck.  Strap cuts into his neck.  After one of our many car trips, he asked if I could make a padded strap cover similar to the seat belt covers I made when we bought my Durango.  Of Course!

Then I returned to my obsession.  The one that makes me drool. Fuss. Swear.  Pants….

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3 thoughts on “Happy Days

  1. WOW Bev, so glad you are able to get to your seeing room. It must feel so satisfying! Continued prayers from me !

  2. I just took a Eureka class with Rae. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I’m on muslin 2, which may actually end up wearable.

  3. Fantastic that you are getting time in your sewing room. I gave a little cheer when I read this. Love Ruthie

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