After Chemo 1-3

I am making this post a little sooner in the 1-3 chemo process i.e. well before the next chemo, should there be one.  My oncologist scheduled blood work and a CT scan early so that should I require a 4th chemo, the 3 week schedule will not be interrupted.  Apparently, he expects the best results with my treatment if it takes place precisely 3 weeks apart.  I’m hoping for good news, so recapping now

Truly, the after effects were not as bad this time.  Except for the steroids.  Those got me a motor mouth and inability to  sleep just as badly as the first 2 treatments.  I took my nausea and vomiting pills starting with the morning of day 2 post infusion/treatment.  I had very little nausea and no vomiting.  I was holding off on the diarrhea meds, Pepto Bismol aka the Pink Stuff, until my stools were  loose.  5 days after infusion, I realize I’m constipated. No diahrrea.  Not even a drop. I started the stool softeners.  Wish I had known I would be constipated this time.  I would have started the softeners immediately. Would have been much better than the 7 days of bloated, flatulent existence. But, that too passed.

I was weak still. I had wondered during Infusion 1-1 and 1-2 if the weakness was from the cancer, the chemo or the NV and diarrhea.  No doubt the latter 2 contributed, but clearly the chemo alone caused great weakness. The neuropathy was worse this time.  I wondered if it was worse or if I simply noticed it more because the NV&D were not taking all my attention.  Also, I bought a new pair of shoes.  The arch support was superior. Seriously, my feet sighed with relief as soon as I tried them on. I wore them for 3 days in a row. At which point I realized, it wasnt the aching joints as much as the cramp in the back of my calves  from the new shoes that was killing me.  To test, I put the new shoes away and wore the pair which had not caused me pain. 3 days later, no pain in legs. Not in hip joints, thighs, knees, calves or ankles.

Really, I had more good days than bad.

I set up the knitting machine.  It is taken down every year in Dec when we put the Christmas Tree up in its place.  Took two weeks to pull it almost together. I ordered a new table to replace the yellow- metal, saw horse I’ve been using for 25 years.  I keep the KM in the living room. Yes on the ugly saw horse.  Finally decided I wanted the KM on a nice looking table.    There was a misstep at first but then I purchased an easy to put together table that looks nice.  This of course calls for rearranging all the accessories, tools and books. That’s an in the works project.  Let you know when I finish.

Finally 10,days after Chemo, I was able to go downstairs to my sewing/stash rooms.  I’ve been bad about ordering fabric, so that first trip was about putting fabric away and general cleaning. Second day I started working on my Eureka pant fitting.  Promise a full report in the future.

Why do I bring up Sewing and Machine Knitting?  They were great diversions for me.  My mind was occupied.  I moved about a little more and I got better. I felt better. More hopeful. More joyous. I began having short periods of time in the morning where I walked normally about the house. Compared to the staggering and wobbling, this was astonishing!

Today I am getting the midway blood work. Next Wed, I will get more blood work and a CT scan.  Truly hoping for good news which I will share with all of you soonest.



5 thoughts on “After Chemo 1-3

  1. Sounds like you are making great progress. I’m so happy you are able to begin enjoying your knitting and sewing again. I know what comfort my projects have brought me during periods of recuperation.

    Keeping you in prayer,

    Angelia (Angelsweb from Stitchers Garden)

  2. So glad you did not suffer those terrible side effects this tie Lifting you in prayer for positive CT results!!!

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