On the Cancer Front

With so many praying for me, I felt an update was due.  I visited my oncologist on Monday, Apr 30. He was very pleased with my healing/recovery and that the biopsy of the “stuff” removed had shown that the cancer had been dead and nearly all of it removed from within the tumour membranes.  Even my GYN said this was remarkable, practically unheard of.  Naturally, I credit your prayers. My body did the work, but I’m sure your prayers were the push needed.

I was feeling really good at that Apr 30 visit.  Still not like before but much better than since Dec.  The oncologist said that’s what he wanted but it was time to start the next round of chemo.  We’re going to clean up all the microscopic stuff he could have missed. He scheduled and I received my First Infusion of the Second Round of Chemo treatments Friday, May 3.

Friday was mostly boring. Saturday and Sunday I was sewing.  Have a cute knit top to share but need pics. Which I won’t have for several days as the chemo hit me hard Sunday about 4.  I ache. I am weak. But I am not as bad as any of the chemo infusions in the first round.  I’m taking it easy for a few days. As soon as I can, I’ll get those pics. I want to share my cute top.

19 thoughts on “On the Cancer Front

  1. That’s wonderful, wonderful news Bev. Thank you for taking the time to update us – have been thinking of you a lot.

  2. Good news! Thanks for the update and I hope the chemo treatments don’t drag you down so much. You are doing so well at this point! Keep it up!

  3. You are an amazing woman of faith and courage.I
    am rejoicing with you. Happy days

  4. Yayyyyy! So happy to hear this. Prayer kettle is still on, set now to simmer. My very best to you.

  5. It’s so good to read about someone giving cancer the kick in the chin it deserves! And great to see you back in the sewing room.

  6. Great news! I pray that the next round of chemo doesn’t hit you too hard! God Bless you!

  7. Was wondering how everything was going. Sounds like good news all in all even though the hard times are not yet finished. Hang in there, you’re nearly done!

  8. Great news and I hope you get a good restful recovery time before the next phase. thank-you for the
    update I have been keeping an eye out for news.

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