When ideas collide…

On the cancer front:  I am happy to share that this infusion was not bad when compared to the previous 3. I did not have nausea or vomiting probably because I started my pills early and took them religiously.  My hip, knee and ankles joints hurt, ached more than ever before.  I used ibuprofen and a heating cream to control the discomfort.  I was so weak. Then I  was unable to sit, stand or lay down for long periods of time. That resulted in a lack of sleep and some jitteriness. It began Sunday afternoon. Was the worst on Monday and Tuesday eased markedly.  I was still weak for a couple of days but I feel like I got off easy this time. Psst don’t tell my doc.

So this post is really to share a easily created, trendy garment using your already fitted Tshirt pattern.

If you haven’t fit your T-shirt pattern it’s going to take a bit longer than the 1 hour I clocked.

To read more about the knit top above, CLICK HERE

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