Fitting jeans to my post-chemo body

Chemo is over but as with all traumatic experiences it left behind unwanted results. In my case no hair (that’s a wig) and a body 2 or more sizes larger. Fitting tops was slightly easier. I added a little across the back and a little more across tummy and hips. Pants, well pants have been a nightmare.

All the pants fitting I did last year has gone out the window.  During the first part of this year, I’ve started over several times with several different patterns but haven’t posted any results because I haven’t come anywhere near success. Part of my issues have been my changing body itself. For a while, my waist measurement could change daily.  Sometimes it seemed vastly different in the afternoon than in the morning–and I mean by inches.  I need to fit the waist first to get the rest of my pants to fit. If the waist doesn’t fit, I can’t get the rest of the pant to fit and hang correctly. My changeable waist altered the good fit on one day into a  horrid  fit the next.

What’s a girl to do?  I  switched to an elastic waistband thinking it would expand and contract with my waist but keep hanging on my waist thus keeping the fit more stable. Unfortunately, the elastic waistband would not stay put.  Oh, it would start at my waist but the front would migrate upwards until just below my bra band. At the same time,  the back pulled forward through my legs creating  drag lines pointing to my crotch. Does that sound like the elastic was too short? But add length and the pant would sag in front; would actually slip beneath the hyster belly–

My tummy is not the same after being split open for the hysterectomy and the doc tells me it will never be exactly what it was before. —

I increased and decreased the elastic length several times without success.  I don’t seem to have found the magic length. So I returned to trying to fit with a straight, non-stretch waistband and I can count some success (not ready to share it yet) with the Judy Kessinger master pant pattern.

Then my sewing angel started talking about jeans. ….

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