3 Months Post Chem

It has been 3 months since my last chemo treatment.  As you can see my hair is coming in more and more.  Initially it was a gleaming white. 2 months later, there are darker hairs and some yellow/blond mixed in.  It is a soft as a downy chick.  Still have a few hairs that like to stick up like crazy antennae.

Otherwise, I am walking further and yes feeling better. The weight loss–goes poorly. But at least I am not gaining any let alone at the spectacular rate I acquired the extra pounds.

In some ways I am better than before cancer/chemo/surgery. Like bowl movements are not painful.  I am not requiring 2-4 hours naps every day. However, I am not 100%; I am not as in good of shape this September as I was September 2018.  That sounds like whining and I don’t mean to whine. I’m not expecting much more than where I am now — my doctors have been very explicit and caution me to the opposite.  Today, I am very happy to share, I have combable hair.!

3 thoughts on “3 Months Post Chem

  1. Bev, my sister-in-law refers to that kind of hair as “baby bird” or “downy chick”. Congrats on having it come back.

  2. You have been a wonderful example to others who have to deal with chemotherapy. I wish you the best; Look at each step as an achievement because it is.

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