Cancer Update

You may have noticed me wearing a new wig the past few posts. It’s not a wig but my real hair:

I’ve always had curly hair; lots of body but it’s grown back downright kinky.  It’s about 1.5″ long and so tightly curled that I tell everyone I opted for a ’80s Afro.

I  looked like on of those black and white cats. You know, white with a few black spots here and there.  I colored it after the last trip to the Oncologist who told me my numbers were way up and we had to check this out.  My first thought was “I should dye my hair now before it all falls out again.”

So we did a CT scan; then a biopsy.  I have two spots less than 1/2″ wide that turned out to be swollen lymph glands. The biopsy showed ovarian cancer cells.

Doc offered me two options but because I really don’t want to be running South Dakota roads during the winter (think snow, ice, blizzards), I’m going with the standard treatment.  That consists of 3 infusions, each 3 weeks apart which I can do at the hospital 15 minutes away. (Even that trip is iffy during some of our weather.)

That brings us to today’ s post ” Sweater Knit with Front Placket”.  I remember too well the ordeal of dressing warmly to go outside then having to undress when I got to that meat-locker they call a medical clinic.  I have a port which makes any IV’s easy (nurse says it does many good things) but is hard to get to when I have long johns, pull-over sweaters and coat on-top. The port is located about 1.5″ below my clavicle and about the same distance from my sternum. During the other 3 seasons, it isn’t an issue because I have a supply of  button-up blouses and tank-like tops. I decided it shouldn’t be an issue this winter either and immediately began making heavier knits with front openings. Ta Da!:

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