“C” Update

As some of you already know, I had a 3-month follow up with my Oncologist this week. It wasn’t the best news. My CA125 numbers were going down and the treatment appeared to be working until my previous (and last) infusion.The number jumped and the nodes increased in size (from .4mm to .7mm).  Dr said this indicates the cancer cells developed a resistance.  I wasn’t totally unprepared for this news.  The last few weeks I’ve tired more easily. Been able to do less and ate less. Even forwarned, I wasn’t happy with the news. Doc says we are not out of options by a long shot.  He will start me on a different medicine to be infused every 2 weeks. He also took blood samples for a genomic study of the cancer which will help us decide which of the 2 trial programs would work best for me.

Interesting side note, I thought a cancer tumour was cancer throughout. They are not. The tumour will also encapsulate good (normal) cells. We’re having to do a blood draw and study because my tumor was like 90% good cells.  They need 20% cancer cells to do the genomic study on the tumor!  Another interesting note, they keep all the tissue removed during the surgery for 10 years!  If the tumour had had more cancer cells they could have used it.

7 thoughts on ““C” Update

  1. Sorry Bev, that your news was not what you expected/hoped for. Good news that your dr has more options! I was surprised when I learned of all the way tumors grow- You remain on my prayer list- I think about you often even tho I never comment- I love to see how you tackle your fitting, and u are taking that same grit with your health! Andi

  2. I am not much of a prayer, but I do keep you in my thoughts. I admire your positive attitude. If anyone can beat this monster, it will be you!

  3. I didn’t want to read your update, but I HAD to know…I am sorry it isn’t great news. I am cheering you on & keep you in my prayers. You have always been in inspiration.

  4. I think of you often, always with hope and with prayers. Just know there is a stranger down here in Kansas keeping you in my heart.

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