It seems I love blogging as much as I love sewing and other crafts. Not only do I enjoy blogging, but I find my own blogs useful.  They are a good reference when I haven’t used a pattern or technique in a while. Thus my blog has accumulated nearly a 1000 posts to date (2015 end).  Initially I thought the categories would help me find the particular post(s) I wanted to review. With this many posts and this many categories, the categories don’t work well for me.  I’ve turned to developing sub-blogs.  These are collections of posts most originally first posted here and then transferred to their own blog because of their related nature.  These blogs are:

This blog won’t go away. It will continue to accumulate posts that don’t directly pertain to the blogs above.  Also, this blog will have a link to each new post regardless of topic or blog in which posted. So you don’t need to subscribe to each of my blogs, only this one. However, there may be some slight advantage to subscribing to each of my blogs as the post here will be a teaser with a link to the full post and you’ll need to click the link to see additional pics and read my explanations. Some may find it an advantage to only subscribe to one of my sub-blogs. I post frequently. If you’re only interested in my posts about pants or  say when I update the 900CPX notebook you’ll receive fewer notifications than if you subscribe to the general sewing and crafts (here).

Thank you for reading all my blogs and leaving notes.  I’m flattered that anyone shares my interests and would take the time to leave a comment.  I read lots of blogs and know that it is not always easy to leave a comment. My own blogs block the anon user, the user with multiple url’s and all comments after the post ages 3 days. Unfortunately the nature of the internet, is that posts which meet this criteria are nearly always from hackers and trolls.  I’ve effectively eliminated these people but  I may have prevented a comment I’d love to see. I apologize for that but I got really tired of the stuff the hackers would add to my blog.  Tired enough that I decided not to tolerate it and clean up but to prevent it entirely.



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  1. Couldn’t find an email address for you. Regarding the beaded brooches in my post on the fire blog. That technique was in an old Bead & Button magazine. Just looked for it–April 1997–yikes makes me feel old! I just looked to see if it was on-line. It isn’t but back issues are available: http://www.kalmbachstore.com/bnb970401.html

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