WOW finished goal!

WOW because when I stated back in January that I wanted to purge my patterns, I really didn’t think I would get it done. Another WOW because I did.

It reached the point I could not jam my fingers into my pattern boxes.  I have 4 large storage boxes, a 2 drawer file cabinet and 4 smaller file boxes as well as several multi-age portable filers like this.

It was a long job but I must confess I didn’t do it all at once. Over a time span of about 6 weeks, I would make a list of patterns by categories. Go find them. Review and ask myself “Why am I keeping this?” and this discard or file away.  I was surprised at how many “duplicates” I had. They weren’t duplicates in identifying number or envelope art, but looking carefully at the diagram, they were the same.  Not even an interesting neckline, pocket detail or any other detail made one pattern different from the other.  It would appear that I’ve been victim of buying what I thought was a new design but was simply wrapped in a new package.  (They do that in books a lot.)I discarded a lot of “pillow case” patterns. They are too difficult to fit to my curvaceous body. I tend to look frumpy while I’d like to be a romantic-classic (with emphasis on classic).

For the most part, I failed in purging my Indy collection. I did let go of a few, mostly Style Arc (who creates a very bodycon draft) but by-and-large I just could not stand to see them go.  Maybe next time because they are becoming as common as the Big4.  Also did not purge Burda nor Otto. I may change their storage in future.

I winnowed my patterns and file then in boxes in one of  several categories:

  • Burda
  • Otto
  • 6299
  • Jackets/Vests
  • Tops/Dresses
  • Misc: Dolls, Lingerie, Mens, Home Dec truly Misc(each  of the misc category has less than 5 patterns)
  • Bottoms (pants and skirts)
  • Indys (CLD, Connie Crawford, Jalie,Loes Hines, MacPhee, Hot  Patterns, Silhouette Patterns and My Drafts including those copied from WM

I still have a respectable collection. Thankfully it takes up less room and I have room to collect more!!!

About the missing….

So, I admit defeat. I stored my pics at Photobucket for many years.  I was fine with the storage limitation and resisted upgrading. Eventually, Photobucket decided my photos could not be viewed, even by me, because I wouldn’t upgrade. What good is a host if you can’t see what it is hosting?  Initially I intended to find all the photos and load them to WordPress or my purchased storage. (Another reason for not paying Photobucket is that I am already paying for much more storage than I am using.) However chasing down the photos, cause remember Photobucket wouldn’t let me see what I had out there, chasing down the photos, matching them to the right post, right point of display became time intensive. I just don’t have the heart for it.

So I thought and I thunk and I tinked some more.  The purpose of my photos is to illustrate my blog posts.  Originally the purpose of my blog  was sharing SWAP. Found I loved writing for my Blog and started using it as my sewing journal. I am actually quite distressed that what I thought would be a permanent, electronic record I could always refer to, has become a series of writings missing the meat of my thoughts. The end result for me is that without the pics posted on PhotoBucket my blog no longer functions as my sewing journal.

Which brings me to the missing. I’ve decided to simply delete everything on Photobucket. So whatever pics Photobucket was blocking will now be missing. Since the meat of the matter, my pics, will be gone there is no real need for  old, incomplete posts. I will be deleting them too.  I suspect when I am done,  only post and pics from 2017 will remain. The others will be missing.


I don’t have a lot of followers, but I thought it only fair to warn you ahead of time. If you have links to my posts, they will be broken; and you will probably find missing links within my own posts.