Ive been suckered into another one!

Just can’t help myself. I want to try every new pant pattern. This time I working with the latest revision of Jennifer Stern’s Happy Pant.

Not my seat. Pic is from J Sterns.


I was  wasting time on Facebook when I saw Jennifer Sterns Fit Friday session is on and she is fitting pants for her mom.  I took one look at “Mom’s” butt and said “Whoa, that’s me!”  Naturally I had to watch every Fit Friday since and had to buy the Happy Pant which Jen is drafting and selling.

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“C” Update

As some of you already know, I had a 3-month follow up with my Oncologist this week. It wasn’t the best news. My CA125 numbers were going down and the treatment appeared to be working until my previous (and last) infusion.The number jumped and the nodes increased in size (from .4mm to .7mm).  Dr said this indicates the cancer cells developed a resistance.  I wasn’t totally unprepared for this news.  The last few weeks I’ve tired more easily. Been able to do less and ate less. Even forwarned, I wasn’t happy with the news. Doc says we are not out of options by a long shot.  He will start me on a different medicine to be infused every 2 weeks. He also took blood samples for a genomic study of the cancer which will help us decide which of the 2 trial programs would work best for me.

Interesting side note, I thought a cancer tumour was cancer throughout. They are not. The tumour will also encapsulate good (normal) cells. We’re having to do a blood draw and study because my tumor was like 90% good cells.  They need 20% cancer cells to do the genomic study on the tumor!  Another interesting note, they keep all the tissue removed during the surgery for 10 years!  If the tumour had had more cancer cells they could have used it.

Sweater Knit

I’m very analytical and enjoy the process of creating clothing. But sometimes, I get tired of the struggle and the failures.  Having had it up to my ears with pants that dont want to fit and the Kendall fiasco (which I admit was partly my own fault), I decided upon something quick and easy. I decided to use my knit sloper and devoid my stash of sweater knits.

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