Stripes of Brown and Blue

After pulling the winter clothes out of storage, I was rather surprised to find some big holes not in the deep-cold clothing section but in my  transitional items.  I’m ok on pants (which affords me the luxury of poking along while puzzling out the fit issues of V1411), but the tops for cool weather i.e. the weather that doesn’t require a sweater and long-johns but is too cool for short sleeves and thin cottons. Interesting, I have plenty of black tops with a small selection of pants.  I probably have plenty of black pants except I have a real shortage of blue and brown tops. In the next week or so I need to get back to making my anniversary dress but I also need to concentrate on adding blue and brown tops to my closet.  Which is why I made this beauty:

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The Vibrant TRT In Action

I was a little disappointed with my recently completed Vibrant TRT

Up close, the embossed appearance makes for a totally elegant garment. To me, it is just beautiful. Take a step back and all you see is a big orange ball. Not quite what I was hoping for but I didn’t have an immediate fix.  I decided I’d have to think about it and hopefully find an answer soon. ‘

I found an answer sooner than I expected.  The morning I wore my new TRT, the outside temps were 22 deg F. Chilly. Well to me 22F  is chilly. I knew the basement where I keep my sewing and crafts wouldn’t be 22 but it too would be, chilly. Just not a 22 deg chilly. So I reached into the back of the closet looking for an additional inside-layer.  I found a vest I’ve not been wearing much but I keep because I think it is beautiful.  The red and oranges of the vest are perfect for my TRT.

It was a perfect combination.   I think this is a perfect example of how choosing your colors and choosing a style works to give you interesting, appropriate clothing year-round. Not only that but I went from feeling like my top was OK to feeling like I had a great outfit!  Such a deal.