Tabula Rasa Refitting

First the hip area of my TRT seemed a little tight.  Added a little tissue to increase the hip area.  Then the back was too tight.  Removed the hip area tissue and added 1/4″ tissue all along the center back. So now the sleeves are feeling a little tight. I think that’s enough wheedling of little adjustments.  I’m not likely to get any smaller, only  bigger. It’s my limited activity combined with the constant intake of steroids–steroids prescribed to make the chemo more effective or to alleviate the side-effects. Ugh. Anyway, time to reassess the fit of my TNT and a favorite patterns, the Tabula Rasa.

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Ive been suckered into another one!

Just can’t help myself. I want to try every new pant pattern. This time I working with the latest revision of Jennifer Stern’s Happy Pant.

Not my seat. Pic is from J Sterns.


I was  wasting time on Facebook when I saw Jennifer Sterns Fit Friday session is on and she is fitting pants for her mom.  I took one look at “Mom’s” butt and said “Whoa, that’s me!”  Naturally I had to watch every Fit Friday since and had to buy the Happy Pant which Jen is drafting and selling.

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