I sew, too

Before cancer, I spent 3-4 hours daily in my sewing room, most days of the week.  It was a source of great pleasure to me.  Unfortunately, the sewing and stash are downstairs.  Takes quite a bit of effort for me to get down there and back. Especially back.  Most days, I’m not sewing. When  do, I’m limited to about an hour.  All my sewing now seems like s-l-o-w sewing.

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Happy Pant Muslin 6

Thanks, guys, for all your good suggestions and encouragement.  I haven’t been good at responding to comments lately, but I promise to change. Half the fun of the blog, is hearing your ideas.

I was moving right along with Muslin 6. Fit, 1, 2, 3. One a Day. Like a vitamin pill. When my chemo took a savage turn.  I kept thinking it would get better. I have a pattern.

  • Day of chemo:  all is well other than my total boredom
  • Day 2 Not much worse but not like before chemo treatment
  • Day 3 Chemo poop.  It ravages the body and the bathroom becomes untenable.  This is also known as “Diaper Day” since Chemo Poop may be sudden. Often I am decimated by the activities of Chemo Poop Day.
  • Day 4 Life returns to normal. Not quite normal but close. Well that’s the way it was with the previous regimine.  It’s not true anymore.  With the newest regimine I develop flu-like symptoms. Stuffed head. Running nose. Cough. No fever. But plenty of aches and pains.
  • Day 5 Phony Flu AKA Pseudo Flu
  • Day 6 Almost normal!!
  • Day 7  Life is good again.
  • Day 8, well Day 8 is Day 1 as I am having chemo treatments once of week.  You think your Monday’s are bad?  Try having chemo every Monday.


Anway, I was moving right along until chemo turned vicious and waylaid me for a week. But I did make good progress….

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And next?

I felt I should warn you, all my readers, that my Happy Pant posts are probably going to be very verbose. And picture heavy.  I’m doing my best to understand and follow Jen’s (J Sterns Designs) instructions and I am documenting the steps in my pant’s blog in detail. Because, that’s one of the things I do i.e. get analytical, detailed, maybe a little obsessive but also because I am undergoing weekly chemo.  If there was any question before, I can assure you, I have chemo brain now.  I’m hoping to document enough that when I look at my posts while not “under the influence of chemo” I will be able figure out what I did.

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