I sew, too

Before cancer, I spent 3-4 hours daily in my sewing room, most days of the week.  It was a source of great pleasure to me.  Unfortunately, the sewing and stash are downstairs.  Takes quite a bit of effort for me to get down there and back. Especially back.  Most days, I’m not sewing. When  do, I’m limited to about an hour.  All my sewing now seems like s-l-o-w sewing.

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Tabula Rasa Refitting

First the hip area of my TRT seemed a little tight.  Added a little tissue to increase the hip area.  Then the back was too tight.  Removed the hip area tissue and added 1/4″ tissue all along the center back. So now the sleeves are feeling a little tight. I think that’s enough wheedling of little adjustments.  I’m not likely to get any smaller, only  bigger. It’s my limited activity combined with the constant intake of steroids–steroids prescribed to make the chemo more effective or to alleviate the side-effects. Ugh. Anyway, time to reassess the fit of my TNT and a favorite patterns, the Tabula Rasa.

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Sweater Knit


It’s been awhile since I answered comments, so I want to thank all of you today for taking the time and making the effort. I thrive on your continued support and I try all the suggestions. 

Maybe I should have warned  you that I would immediately be making multiple versions of Silhouette Patterns 195. I need not only to adjust the fit of my sloper but I have fabrics that I want sewn and out of my stash. Todays garment is sewn from a light weight sweater knit.

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Refitting My Sloper / Block

First a little cancer update. My infusions will be done every other week. One consisting of the chemo and biologic the second just the biologic.  I did not nearly as sick as I did with the previous aggressive treatment. No nausea, vomiting or diarrhea.  No bags to vomit in. No diapers to wear. And the infusions are not as long. 4.5 hours for both meds 1.5 if only getting the biologic. I did get terrible canker sores inside my mouth. For which I’m getting some kind of mouthwash. Absolutely kills the pain. Numbs the mouth, tongue, cheeks, etc for a while. So chemo is not wonderful, but it is tolerable. I just hope it is doing good.

Back to sewing..I’ve been noticing some issues with my block/sloper. I looked at all the patching I’d done and decided it would be better to start from scratch.  I made an unsuccessful  foray into fitting Fit Nice System’s Master Top pattern. Long story short, for the fit I want I need darts, and seams. I do want to say, there are lots of good ideas and advice in the pattern and video. I believe that many people would be perfectly satisfied especially give the multiple of variations which are presented in free videos.  or you can buy the book. IOW don’t take my experience as gospel.

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