3414, V2, Day 2

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3414 Jags Woven Yoga

I’m working with  Peggy Sagers yoga pant pattern #3414 which was drafted  for woven fabrics.  I hesitated to buy and use this pattern because the SP Yoga Pant was one of the first Silhouette Patterns I tried and it bombed. I was particularly devastated because I thought I had ‘grown’ as far as pant-fitting knowledge and thoroughly expected to fit the yoga pant with minimum effort. Instead I spent about 3 days and as I recall the same number of muslins only to finish with a pair of pants I didn’t want to wear even for scrubbing floors.

So why am I taking on this challenge now? Well I think I’ve ‘grown’ , again. I’ve learned a little more  about my body’s shape and what is needed for pants to fit and ‘ve had several successes specifically with Silhouette patterns including # 3200 Peggy’s basic pant. Like many others, I like the look, feel and sewing ease of a yoga pant. I have a few knit yoga pant patterns. I want a woven yoga pant pattern.  I don’t believe that sizing up my successful knit/stretch patterns is the answer, although many others do (both think and execute this course of action.)  To me the best choice, meaning the choice with the highest probably of personal success is the pattern drafted for the intended fabric. “The Fabric Always Wins”*. When it comes to dressmaking, no truer words were ever said.

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The Ribbon Jeans

I wanted to continue the re-fit of 906 but at the same time do something a little different. I didn’t work with the front pockets again because, well they can actually disguise issues. But I thought to do something different with the pockets. I wanted it to be something quick. I will forever think of these as My Ribbon Jeans:

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