2017 Autumn 6PAC: Update

Time for another pat on the back with an update to my Autumn 6PAC plan:

With both knit tops done ( center row) my 6 PAC is now 2/3 done!! !!!

I need to finish the green pants (lower left) and the cream blouse (Upper right).


Autumn 2017 6 Piece Collection (6PAC)

I’ve long since filled out my plans for coordinating 6 piece wardrobes in my base colors (black, navy and chocolate brown) so with every announcement of the new season, I review and replace. Update. Freshen. Starting with  Chocolate brown my usual base but switching up to a medium, warm brown and coordinating with a range of medium to dark olive greens. Not my usual colors but colors that  have somehow slipped into the stash and are occuplying valuable real estate.  Truth is, they are nice fabrics that I’d like to wear but just havent figured out how to incorporate them and maintain my goal to keep my best colors near my face. Oh and keep me looking as tall as I can. Um yes and as slim as I can. But lets move along…

I spent some quality time in the stash picking out fabrics. I know I’ll be using my TNT patterns the Tabula Rasa Jacket/Blouse and Tee; B6299 princess seamed top, and the newly, almost fitted Vaness pants. Looking back I see that Silhouette Patterns S3200 is also almost fit.While Vanessa is slim legged, S3200 is a wide trouser.  Trousers are generally less demanding to fit and I think I just want to remove some of the drag lines on the side above the hip.  With that analysis done, I’m ready to share my plan

My pics are a little off. The greens match the green of the striped fabric in the upper left corner. From the pics, you’d think all 3 are different hues. The cream of the jacquard in the upper right colors matches the cream and not the white stripe of the same fabric. The warm browns do not match the stripe but they are much closer than the pics show. They are the same hue as the strip just not the same tone.

I think I’d like to use the crepe from the fabric bottom right as piping on the blouses. So first up Sally’s Pant 3200 in a 100% rayon crepe.

The Photobucket Effect

When I first started blogging  8 years ago, I tried out a number of ‘free’ hosting sites. I settled on Photobucket to host my few pics because it was the easiest site to use and was independent of my blog host (blogger at the time).  That worked well  especially through my change from blogger to WordPress.  Over the years, I opened a 2nd account because I had uploaded many photos and my organization sucked. Eventually WordPress solved their photo hosting issues and as I was writing my posts I uploaded my pics directly to them.

Times passes. My hardware changed. My cloud needs changed. I contracted with OneDrive for my other files.  I am, I thought, a snug little bug with a place for my public files (WordPress,Photobucket) and a place for my personal files (OneDrive.) This week Photobucket notified me, and all other users, that they would no longer support 3rd party hosting for free accounts.  Photobucket has been after me for the last few years to pay them money monthly or annually.  I keep resisting because I really don’t need any other services. Just the hosting of my blog photos. But it seems they intend to take that away.  I checked to see what it would cost to continue hosting my pics at Photobucket. $2.49 was the price quote me. I have 2 accounts so that would be $4.98. Per month. I checked around to see if I was reading and understanding what Photobucket was saying and discovered  several topics where people said that the $2.49 was incorrect. To get what I wanted, unlimited bandwidth for all my pics,  would be closer to $400 annually. Apparently there is some fine print attached to the $2.49 quote.

So guys, I’m not sure how many photos I have on Photobucket, but I’m not paying $400/annual to host a few pics of my butt. Especially since I have the OneDrive account for which I pay $7.44 monthly. I’m not closing my Photobucket accounts either. But I suspect here shortly you’ll no longer be able to see those old pics. I wonder what this will do to Pinterest?  (When I joined Pinterest I was stunned at how many times my butt appeared in my feed. Apparently a lot of people enjoyed my pants fitting umm adventures. ) Will those pics disappear or links dead? So I’d recommend any of my posts you bookmarked  be copied and saved elsewhere.  I’ve got no problems with someone printing out a page to follow as they work through one of my procedures. But PLEASE  don’t pass on my work and my photos as your own and don’t make any money off my work. Give me credit.  I appreciate a good word here and there.

I will work at transferring the photos and making them visible from OneDrive but  It’s going to take time.  I’ve worked out a procedure. Each photos needs to be saved locally. Uploaded to OneDrive. One Drive must generate an embedded link  which I then copy and paste into the relevant post. Post must then be updated. One a good day, it takes about 2 minutes per pic. Again, don’t know how many pics I have out there, so no idea of the total time involved.  For a while,not sure how long, there may be duplicate pics.

I wonder if those of you who selected email notices will receive something every time I update picture links?  I don’t know. I can tell from my stats that most of my old posts aren’t accessed at all.  I’m not making this a crisis type situation just because Photobucket has their nose out of joint.  I’ll get it done, when I get it done.   Besides, from the chatter I expect many to abandon Photobucket.  Enough member losses and Photobucket could change their mind.

Bad Sewing Days

This post is mostly for me. If you can’t stand my whining one more time, feel free to click away. 

Everyone has sewing disappointments and even, as is my case today, periods of sewing failures.  That this happened after a recent spate of failures was especially disheartening. I would like to ignore these, but I think it would be better to document the failures not to be humble but to have a future reference as to what went wrong.

I was feeling pretty good about my BeforeAnd After maxi dress. A little down about Summer Jacket #2 mostly because I had thought I had a solution for adding and RBA to the basic Bog Coat. Said solution didn’t work which had me a little down but I did have ideas for future versions.  The Summer Pants while not really good were wearable and felt like a starting point for something better.

The summer pants were encouraging enough that I pulled out a rayon woven to resemble linen, and paired it with a gauze underlining. I was a little short on fabric and opted to cut a separate waistband vs the cut-on of the Summer Pants. Well it was not to be. Even though the gauze was cut from the same pattern as the Rayon, when serged together they did not match. The gauze was somehow larger and all attempts to press them to equal size only made the discrepancy worse.  Oddly, the gauze gathered to some places; the rayon in others. I must have lightened the room when I suddenly understood that the wrinkles on the Summer pants were probably a result of the same mechanical issue i.e. that the two fabrics when joined at the outside edges were not the same size. Bias is a 8itch. (No pics of this project. At this point I was looking at the 8 pieces joined to be 4. Never got as far as a try-on.) I looked at all the serging and decided I was not ripping all 4 pieces all 4 sides. Besides the rayon was of such an age that cost was negligible. However, I learned an important lesson. Underlining with a non-fusible is possible but may not be desirable. Especially for someone such as myself who prefers to spend their time on the creative, the artful rather than the technical, perfection-demanding engineering of clothing.  Future guideline:  I will not underline with non-fusibles.  Doesn’t match with my personality.

A day later, I totally bombed with an attempt to tweak the empire portion of the BeforeAndAfter maxi. The BeforeAndAfter was quite nice but I’m working towards using an expensive knit and I want to start with the perfect pattern.  I felt that the BeforeAndAfter Empire line was higher than I desired.  Yes it seemed to cross just beneath my ni9ple. I wanted something an inch or so above the waist. (You know. Like the Ebb that I’m always be moaning.)  Since the BeforeAndAfter was almost perfect, I copied the bodice top (back and front) and added 2″ length.  I considered that I might need to make one more test before cutting the expensive fabric but I’m OK with that. I have a vision that I want to achieve or at least get really close.  But I’m pretty confident of the fit from the BeforeAndAfter and selected a nice fabric to make a top.  My fabric is a border print Egyptian Cotton.

I think this fabric is beyond beautiful. I almost didn’t believe it was cotton. It was so smooth and silky.  I washed it expecting to pull out at least a somewhat rougher surface and was stunned at how smooth it remained. I burned it just to be sure there wasn’t at least a little poly. Nope. Definitely rope burning smell. I do believe it was the 100% Egyptian cotton as advertised. My heart swooned over the Jacobean print.  I ignored the fact I prefer a more peachy pink. The border was confined to one side which I envisioned applying to the center front of the bodice. Which I did. I carefully cut, appliqued and stitched shoulders together.  I even finished neckline and armscyes with aplomb. I mean, this pattern fit, I was just tweaking a detail. Right? I basted the sides together and stopped to check fit because fabric can affect fit. I’ve often needed to increase the 1/2″ SA to 5/8 or let it out all the way to 1/4″.  There have even been times I’ve added a panel at the side seam because a particular fabric just didn’t adapt to my body like most fabrics. Anyway, I basted the side seams and tried it on expecting a near perfect garment and was absolutely stunned. This is like going all the way back to the pattern I’ve never even tried fitting

Not attractive is putting it mildly

What’s worse, is that every attempt to make it better, made it worse. In utter desperation I looked back at the BeforeAndAfter maxi. Surely these drag lines had not occurred out of the blue? And I found that by lightening the BeforeAndAfter all the way to white, then backing up to about 97% I could indeed see some of the drag lines. Specifically the V’s on the side. (Although none of the shoulder drag lines were evident).  My guess is that the Ponte of the BeforeAndAfter could stabilize against the drag lines whereas the knit Egyptian Cotton could not. Then again it is possible that time will cause the same wrinkles to appear in the BeforeAndAfter just as time caused all my pants fitted with Peggy Sagers’ procedure to develop my dreaded X wrinkles. Time my friend and sometimes not my friend.

I took a day or two to think. Cleaned my sewing rooms. Cleaned the house. I came to the realization that my pain was largely self-inflicted and that I’ve been at this cross-road time and again.  The thing is, I keep thinking I can pinch out darts where my curves are and then move the darts to other places. That’s what the books say. Sigh, Gale Greig Hansen (apologies, I’m not spelling her names correctly) was right way back in 1990 you have to make the change where the body demands the change. The books are correct for the young, rectangular body. But those of use who have curves must see, listen and accommodate our curves. No amount of wishing or ‘experts’ rules can override what we see with out very own eyes and what we feel.  Truth is, I need patterns with seams. Multiple seams.  I must step away  from the atypical 3-piece T-shirt, 2-piece tank top and 3-piece pant.  Gather, rouching, darts all OK but expecting a flat piece of fabric with straight edges to fit my rounded body is my first mistake.  Not respecting the fabric, is the second. As Peggy says “The fabric always wins”.

So tomorrow, I begin again.


Under the weather..

I had an almost finished embroidered T, which will need to be washed before pics and fabric laid out for a new pair of 906’s (my favorite jean pattern) but this CRUD I picked up about the time the Bush’s were hospitalized is dominating my days. And nights. Like most others with this ‘stuff’, I’m living on Sudafed which messes with my sleep and makes me feel tired during the day — but I can breathe when I’m laying down. With my nose, I could pass for Rudolf (the Red Nose Reindeer) and I’m dehydrated all the time. But as I said, Sudafed makes breathing possible.  I have done some machine knitting. Mostly because the MK is upstairs while sewing is downstairs. Downstairs requires an exhausting trip down and back up. I know from my trips to do the laundry. Housework is nil. I even needed DH’s help to change the sheets.   Point is I’m what we used to call ‘under the weather’ and have nothing blog.

I’ll be back when I get over this CRUD.

Pinterest Feedback

Hi Guys!

Want to thank you all for your feedback on my Pinterest Test. Really was hoping it would be a quick and easy way to create links to pics already on line. Unfortunately, I did have reports that linking to Pinterest didn’t always work.

I’m sensitive to the situation because I don’t feel married to the Chrome browser either. The time may come when Chrome, as did IE,  irritates me enough to move along–and that may be soon. I’ve found that Chrome does an incredible amount of tracking and things got pushed to me only after installing Chrome on my brand new Android.  I experienced a significantly slowed tablet.  Not quite as bad as Windows with Chrome but still the difference in response time is noticeably longer after only 2 weeks with a brand new  tablet.  I’ve spent more time unloading stuff that starts with G trying to discover exactly what Android needs to work as opposed to all the cool stuff teens want to do.  No wonder my Windows 10 tablet was a PITA.  It was being overwhelmed by both Windows and Google.

I’ll be back to posting soon.  Minor surgery has had me sidelined but I’m currently working on fitting a pair of Burda pants. Posts coming up!


Ever once in a while, I need to test to figure out how something works or doesn’t work. This is one of those times. My question, can I use Pins from Pinterest in a blog post?  let’s see

copy image address

copy link address


Upload and then copy image address

[deleted copyright photo can’t be hosted on pinterest]

Please let me know if you can’t see the above pins, or if they disappear.  Sometimes, things work for me, but not anyone else.


PS I can’t see anything from the ‘copy link address’ test.