The Walmart Shrug

I tell ya, Walmarts battin’ a thousand for me. OK, not exactly,but someone in the Walmart hierarchy is digging into the fashion vault and bringing out classic simple garments to sell to the public.  They then have the garments ‘staged’ at the stores in a manner that is irresistable. The first, for me, was the Walmart Caftan.   Nearly 10 years ago, I found a cheap poly version in Walmart that I wore well past it’s expected lifetime. When it was so ratty DH complained I made the pattern for myself. Next up was the Walmart Cami.  Really an undergarment that can be dressed up a worn as a summer tank. Again, elegantly simple. Well displayed in the store. Worn till it was ugly and demanded its own pattern. Third was Ruana which at the time I labeled the Walmart Long Shrug.  It’s really the perpetually new and popular  Ruana.  Made a pattern for that one before it became ugly.  Thing is, someone at/with/associated Walmart, is selecting a classic, simple style and then perfectly proportioning it for 5′, 16P me.   Their only mistake, I think, is using cheap materials. Most of these are ugly within 1-2 years.  The latest is a KNIT SHRUG:

Really, this isn’t much more than a folded rectangle of cloth which came in handy to use up the largish piece of fabric left over from my stab at Burda 2009-03 #124.

Ok but the square starts out 52″ wide and 48″ long

I think the dimensions are adjustable. The 48″ includes the 4″ neckline fringe which because I’m measuring both front sides is 8″ of the total. Even new (the grey shrug has been abused all winter) it really covers some distance:

Course, if you are taller than me (5’3″) your shrug might not be knee-length. Point is, inches could be added to the 48 to make it longer or subtracted to make it shorter.

52″ is basically my wingspan. I suspect a real stretchy knit, like the grey shrug, would accommodate a long of longer wingspans (give a tug or too).  But you could add a few inches to the 52 or like I did here add cuffs.

Mines are 3″ wide folded to 1.5″;  14″ long and serged to the side seams along the line I labeled 7″ Armhole.  It’s not really 7″.  You meet the long 52″ sides together  and stitch along the shorter side from the edge to 7″ away from the fold. That creates a 14″ hole to stick your hand through. I know from experience that hole can be hard to find. Hence the contrast color of the cuff. I applied the cuffs first, then serged the side seams.  This knit fabric doesn’t require any seam finishes.  In place of fringe, I added a 5″ (folded to 2.5″) X 104″ long band. Actually I cut 2 52″ long bands 5″ wide. Serged them in a circle. Folded in half and then serged to the neck/front/hem opening. It’s a nice finish and like Peggy Sagers’ says, gives your eye a stopping point. It’s almost visual relief.

Because I used that scrap, I immediately had a coordinating wrap for both Burda #124:

and the Red Crinkle 6299

Orange reds are definitely better for me

Admittedly, it does fall into those deep side U’s

Normally I despise them and do everything I can think of to eliminate them. But I like the U’s here.  I think they add to the overall elegant drape .

It’s also surprisingly fast to sew. This is the end of a day of cleaning and sorting. Decision to sew was based on the reluctance to fold and store an odd length of fabric. Didn’t really want to make another bog coat, although I did consider the possibility. The shrug idea presented itself as part of putting things away.  I intended to get to it. Better sooner than later. Less than hour later, it was done!