Closet Review

This IS my last post concerned with th review of my summer clothes. Yeah!!

I started with 13 garments I would consider as 3rd layers during the summer.  This includes some blouses as well as actual wraps.  I’ve long approved of the blouse-as-a-3rd-layer look. I could but dating myself but that’s OK.  Part of finding a personal style involves accepting that others may have a few critical words. The point is having clothes that you love wearing, express your personality and are appropriate for the life you lead. For me that includes blouses as Summer 3rd Layers.

I discarded 2 that I seldom wear.  One is an artsy-fartsy thing that looks rumpled and disheveled on me instead of artsy.  I love the fabric (a silk crepe) and it was hard to sew.  Finishing it was a triumph. Several years later I recognize this is just not me.  The other was a cropped lace-knit. IMO ‘cropped’ needs careful coordination.  I never seem to find the garment to wear with it.  I discarded two for being too short. The 5th too long. I suppose I could shorten but then I’d also like to change the neck. Ah, once it gets to be a lot of work, I’m willing to let go.

What I have left is

7 third layers including 4 blouses.

I am concerned that I have only 1 neutral wrap (the cream, 2nd row, far right). I plan on neutral bottoms with matching or same-hue 3rd-layers allowing me to work with as many accent colors as I like in my tops.  Not only do I have only one 3rd Layer I would consider neutral, I don’t think it is at a flattering length.  Sadly I must admit that my 2017 Summer Sewing must produce 3rd layers.


  1. Bottoms to Sew
    1. Shorts: None needed
    2. Dress Pants: None needed
    3. Casual Pants/Jeans
      1. Black ranging to greys
      2. Brown ranging to beiges
      3. Blue ranging to light clear blues.
  2. Blouses
    1. Casual:  None needed
    2. Dressy:
      1. Black ranging to greys
      2. Brown ranging to beiges
      3. Blue ranging to light clear blue
  3. Third Layers neutral colors needed
    1. Black ranging to greys
    2. Brown ranging to beiges
    3. Blue ranging to light clear blue



Closet Review

With this post, I’m just one step away from completely reviewing my summer wardrobe and starting the sewing  plan for my 2017 Summer 6PAC.  I lightly starched (just a whiff of spray starch), pressed and placed my woven summer tops on hangers before setting up the tripod and taking pics. 4 each garment. Back. Side Right. Front. Side Left. 4. Each garment. 4. But it’s the best way for me to really see my garments and fairly evaluate .

As with my other summer clothing,   I tossed out anything needing repair before taking pics. I was, again, very demanding wit fit.  I’ve learned a lot in the last 8 months about what fits me and how to fix wrinkles I could never fix before. I simply don’t want to wear garments I would have accepted as “needed-until-I-get-smarter” last year.

I started with 15 woven sleeveless tops and winnowed away.  Really, I wasn’t surprised.  I did not start working with the RBA until much later in the year –just before winter.  I was almost eager to sort through knowing I could rapidly replace any discards with a top that fit better. So to me it wasn’t surprising that of the 15  garments I started with, I’m only keeping 4 for Summer 2017.


Summer Closet Review

Today’s headache ah review of my summer clothes is my category sleeveless tops made of stretch fabrics.  Why didn’t I just review all my sleeveless tops? I was hoping most of the knit fabric would fit nicely. Knits, IMO, are more forgiving in the ‘fit’ arena than are woven garments.  But it was not to be .

I started with a healthy selection of 12 sleeveless, knit tops.  Sadly, I discarded top after top because of the RBA drag lines. I finished with 4 sleeveless knit tops:

I’m only totally happy with the two above.  The black on the right is not showing well in this pics but it fits nicely and is just cute on me. But I have issues with the other 2

I just honestly don’t like the print of the one on the left. The fit is really nice and it therefore deserves its place in the closet.  I love the top on the right but the armscye is a little tight. I look at it and groan out loud when thinking of unpicking. I’ll work with it.  Besides I know how that elusive number Peggy Sagers is always talking about.  Measuring these babies I know exactly what size armscye I want and just as importantly what I don’t want to wear.

Summer Closet Review

I’m starting the year with 4 (3 if you don’t count the 3/4-sleeve on the far left) short sleeve tops. I don’t keep many of these because I don’t find my local weather to really be conductive to this half-measure.  I either need to cover my arms or I want the max air circulation possible and that means no sleeves. But for about a week at the beginning of summer and another week late in fall, the short sleeve top is my friend.  Keeps the chill off my shoulders in the AM, but is cool enough for the rest of the day.

Let me back up and say I don’t even  keep many short sleeve tops. When I sorted out the closet there were 8 which includs RTW T-shirts. When I looked at the pics, 4 were discarded. Well they are going in the donate box. I don’t like the big V’s that form on the side the result of my rounding back.  I know the cause of those drapes now; and I know how to fix them. There’s no need for me to tolerate any top with that fit issue.

Summer Closet Review

I continue to review my existing summer review and have to say:  I’m glad I started immediately.  In a matter of a few days we went from 50F day time highs with ice crystals in the rain to 80F.  I need summer clothes now!

The next category I reviewed was Summer Dresses.  There are some days I can’t exist with a summer dress. They cover everything while allowing free-flowing, cooling air to circulate — everywhere. They are so perfect for get togethers even weddings because I can be a little dressy but still comfortable and coooooooooool.  But I don’t need many.  More than 3 and some will tend to gather dust in the closet. I discarded a few last year and sewed a couple which didn’t make it through the summer. A light weight linen was stiff and added pounds to me in every photo taken. It was a wedding. There were many. So I started this summer with 3 dresses on-hand and did I mention they are all long dresses?  I find the long dress is better at slimming my figure.  Between ankle and mid-calve so that I don’t trip going up and down stairs.  I knew one of my dresses probably needed to be discarded.  I made it several years ago using KS2734

and top stitched with embroidery thread.  Made from a high quality cotton/poly, the dress itself is still lovely.  The top stitching is shabby. Worn. No longer holds the vent in place.  In addition to that my pics show that my round back has added some ugly drag lines during wear. Yep that one is in the discard pile but with an RBA the pattern is still good to go for this summer.

The 2nd dress, I purchased off the rack at the end of summer. It’s one of those dress with multiple rows of elastic gathering across the bodice.  Needs no fitting really. I grabbed it and ran because I loved the color/print and they had one in my size.    It had one other definite advantage:  wide straps. Yep straps that would cover my underwear.  How many of you really want to wear a garment that shows your bra straps?  Even my new, edgy granddaughter thinks that’s gross.  I wore the dress a few times last year.  DH loved the color and told me I was lovely.  I took photos this year and decided he was seeing the girl he married rather than the woman I am today. Boy it is tight this year. I almost don’t need a bra. This dress has enough rows of elastic, stretched tight enough to hold my girls in place (I’m the Barely-B you follow. Not much to hold up. Anyway)   The proportions is all off.  This is just long enough to brush the tops of my knees. Not a good look for a short, plump, mature, well-padded woman. But I didn’t put it in the donate or discard box.  I played with the elastic just a bit and discovered the elastic was easily removed.  I love the color and print and once the elastic is removed I’ve got 1-1/4″ yard of 62″ fabric.  I’m thinking of making a T-shirt dress. T-shirt on top with this fabric added to the bottom to make a dress.  Anyway, currently it is one less for 2017 Summer Dresses.

The last dress really should be in the discard  pile.

It’s a rayon challis (love that fabric) made several years ago from KS2599

It has 2 issues.  The fabric is fading badly and I don’t like how close to the neck the shoulder straps are.  I prefer the armscye of my garment to go straight up making it look like I have shoulders. (I’m also the very narrow, very sloped shoulder blogger you follow.)  But I like how it skims all the lumps, even from the side view

Admittedly, I’m not terribly slender. No one would mis-diagnose me as anorexic. I know this.  But I’m happy when my garments just skim my curves so you can tell I’m a woman but can’t tell how many curves I really have.

So that’s it. I start with 1 dress I can wear; 1 dress I will use to make another, and 1 dress that I like the pattern but need to add an RBA to tweak the fit.  Those old Kwik Sew patterns were worth the money. Can’t say that for many of the newer patterns. The old ones were printed on heavy paper.  You got multiple sizes, all of them in fact. Usually there was one to three versions.  But most importantly to me, they were classic styles which could be easily adapted to trends.  It’s so much easier to create a wardrobe when I’m not fitting.