Up Cycling #2

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Good can come from bad

I trashed my serger a few months back. My Roomba managed to entangle the foot pedal with the chair rollers.  I sat on the chair, moved the wrong way and turned around to look at the big CRASH. It was my Vikin S21 serger. Badly damaged as in unrepairable and was the prompt for the purchase of the Brother 1034D. On a hunch I saved the thread stand. It was a good hunch.  I was able to move the thread stand to my Brother Dream Machine !!

The only spot that was ticklish was the  white plastic adapter on the bottom of the pole

Once I removed that, the poles were interchangeable. I slipped the new stand in place and am happy to say I have a 4-places thread stand.

New Toy Alert: 12″ Curve Runner

Yes, I bought the 12″. I love the smaller 8″ (right below)

… but I was constantly measuring well  beyond 8″  often upto 24″.  When the 12″ came out, I delayed asking myself what was the big improvement I was receiving? I mean, some tools are not improved by being bigger, smaller or a different color. But some are.  Since I’m often measuring between 16 and 24″ I decided I needed to own this one. It was a good choice for me. It really does make measuring curves easier and faster.