Neckline Update

This is an update to my current machine knitting project. Please feel free to skip if Mk does not interest you.  Otherwise, click here to see my neckline finish.


New Living Room Drapes

I’ve wanted to replace my living room drapes for some time.  I didn’t really care for the colors and also they were not darkening.  in fact it was impossible to watch TV before sunset. Even in SD, the sun doesn’t set early in the summer. Well I finally bit the bullet about 4 months ago and ordered the fabric

It is a cotton duck which works well in our casual home for our casual life style.

Then I dwaddled. It was still winter.  I had no desired to unclothe my very large windows during all that cold which seemed to go on forever this year.  Also, I didn’t commit to a lining at the same time as purchasing the fabric. Well, April passed then May. The first of June I figured I needed to ‘get on the stick’ and ordered  this Roc-Lon Black out fabric .  No pic because white photos and displays about as well as black.  What sold me on this particular lining was this  description:

 Perfect for homes, nurseries, schools, and workplaces, this drapery lining insulates and helps keep rooms cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. This 3-pass lining allows you to use the lining as a standalone drapery if desired because it features a layer of white foam, black foam, then a third and final layer of white foam to achieve 100% blackout with both sides of the lining remaining white in color.

Now making drapes even this that are only 58″ long is a big project. I was cutting large panels (full width of fabric), aligning the drapery with the lining, pressing and then sewing long, long seams. Drapery+lining was heavy.  I was constantly fighting and manhandling the mass of fabric.  I used my cover stitch to sew all the seams. It really did speed up the process. Did have an issue one time when a bent needle that I couldn’t tell was bend. The CS just quit CS’ing. Also the drapery fabric did not want to form into straps I used along the upper edge in place or rings, channels, or whatever else can be used to hang the drape on the rod. Took me a week, but I got them done.  All 4 panels. DH helped me hang them, thank heavens.

So now, I can enjoy both my new drapes and my TV.


Pic taken right after the drapes were hung. The furniture was just shoved back in place and all kinds of stuff in/on the chairs.  Now you can see what I am saying about all that wonderful light.  I do have brackets to hold the drapes to the side and in the center for when we are not watching TV.

Have to say again, I love these.

Knitting Progress

I’ve made progress on my machine knitting project, a summer shell knit with a variegated rayon with a cotton back.

Not everyone care about machine knitting, but If you are one of those that do and wish to continuing reading my post, please CLICK HERE


Otherwise, look forward to talking with you through my next post.