Knit Playtime: Hems/Edges

We’re accustomed to the k1p1, k2p2 (and variations) ribs as hems on our sweater knits. But they aren’t the only choice. Not even the easiest or best for machine knitting. Today I’m starting a series of machine knit hem and edge finishes that I’m exploring.



Lifted, Piped hem (can also be used as a band or edging for say a vent)  HERE


Like the previous post for Cable Alternatives, I plan to share links on this page to multiple posts in my Knitting Blog. I’m hoping that updates trigger a notice on your feed.


Knit Play Time

My weather in South Dakota remains deeply winter. Night temps are sub zero; day time sub freezing. We conserve heat during the lowest temps and therefore my sewing/stash rooms are not pleasant places to visit especially for long periods of time. I have, therefore, remained up stairs playing with my knitting machine. I think instead of a new post with link my knit play-time activities, I’ll make this one and update it with links to new knitting posts.


Icord Cables HERE


Alternative Cables HERE


Traveling Vine or Fagotting  HERE


More time with Woven Fair Isle HERE


Machine Knit Sweater

It’s been much too cold to trot downstairs to the sewing/stash rooms. They are cold and slow to warm. Not to mention that the heating budget has a cap. Unlike the government, I can’t simply up my income. I need to balance my income with my expenses. In the winter, that means conserving on the heating bill.


So I’ve stayed upstairs with my knitting machine and finally produced a wearable!!!


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I did make some interim posts, if you’re interested”

  • Modified Cut N Sew Neckline HERE
  • The First Fit HERE
  • And the Discussions and Decision to buy Sweater Maker HERE and HERE respectively.




An MK Muslin

Like sewing, machine knitting can require a little testing to get it right.

This post is about machine knitting. If the subject doesn’t interest you, you are welcome and encouraged to skip to your next blog.

Otherwise  to read my full post CLICK HERE

A thank you

Before I start posting sewing/crafting projects for 2017, I especially want to thank you all for the compliments on my Christmas Day Blouse.

I was pleased with it and stunned by DH’s gift.  Your collective outpouring of compliments was totally unexpected. There were so many, I cannot thank each of you personally or enough.


…and now back to sewing.