Altered RTW Jeans

Alas, I am finding that the scales continue to insist that I weigh more from month to month. I know what it is. OK, I am not starving myself so that doesn’t help keep the numbers even. But after long months of zero sweets, desserts and treats coupled with regular exercise, I looked around for another possible cause. It was in front of my face all the time. Well,in my IV bag.  Every two weeks when I receive Chemo, I get a shot of steroids. In between times, I’m being treated for a horrible cough with–get this–another steroid. The constantly increasing weight is depressing enough but I also am changing sizes. Only last November I had to refit my top sloper. At the same time I realized  I am busting out of the pants I constructed in Jun 2019. Scratch that, I’m busting out of all the pants I own. I need solutions and quick. So even though I prefer to sew my own clothes, I bought a couple of Denim & Co jeans from QVC to alter.

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Yogas in January

I usually post more often. I rush to assure, my absence has not been due to illness but rather to beginning- of-year computer activities which have taken on a life of their own.  Generally I like to make a complete backup and store it separately from the PC. This year I decided to take on the task of clean-up which has become culling files, rearranging directories and converting files  and…  well a whole lot more computer housekeeping than I normally do. I still manage to sew a little, most days.  I have steadily been working on yet another version of my 906 Yoga.

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What Brings the New Year?

Every December, I start seeing posts consisting of summaries of the previous year’s activities and plans for the next. (Often separate posts.)  I confess, it makes me think about what I’ve done and what I will do, too.

First off in looking back at the new year, I am glad to be alive which I credit at least partly to the worldwide prayers I have received. Thank you. Stage 4 of any cancer is no laughing matter but in my lifetime I’ve seen that Stage 4 diagnosis go from a death sentence to aggressive therapy and control/manage if not recovery.

I am glad that I can sew.  In the first half of this year, I couldn’t make it to the sewing  machine. Indeed there were times I was doing all I could to make to the bathroom on time. To be sewing and productive is heaven for me.

This chemo-changing body has presented some real fit challenges. I am grateful to have refit my bodice slopers and have 1 always reliable pant pattern I call the Jinny. I’m getting close on the jean pattern (Trudy Jansen 906) and my own version of a Yoga pant. I can’t tell you how happy that makes me feel. I am now making pants that don’t look bad. Some even look good. Although my sewing hasn’t been super-productive all year, I can look back with satisfaction just because of the fitting progress.

Next year? Probably more of the same. I’m pretty sure I will continue to need another size garment. (Hope it is a smaller size.) Which will mean, basic refitting. But if I can get that done as quickly as I refit my bodice sloper this year, then I’m thinking of lots of embellishment.

Have discovered a super Face Book Page, Sew with Joe,  devoted to the high end Brother and Babylock machines. I love my Dream Machine. Love sewing on it. Had only cursory interest in the embroidery side –until — Sew with Joe.  He is showing my machine doing such amazing things. I need to do this!!

I’m still interested in adding paint and other embellishments. My Pinterest pages grow everyday as I see the new ideas others have shared. I have to try some of these!!!!

Even though i didn’t get to do much of it, I’m still counting Machine Knitting as one of my beloved hobbies. The 970 has spoiled me.  If I the machine can’t do it, I resist doing the technique. Which only short-changes myself. There are knops to experiment with and I’ve gathered several ideas for faux cables, along with some interesting knitting patterns. Like a circular yoke created with needle out position. Oh these ideas and so many more.

And of course, I will share all here on my blog(s),



Some Friendly Advice

If you have saved any links to my blog pages, you may want to copy the post to a word processor instead.  I lost many of my pics due to Photobucket changes and now they are having hosting issues.  I’ve decided upon a massive clean-out of my posts and pictures. Starting January 1, I expect to delete  any post dated 2016 and prior.

Thank you for reading my blog, however long it has been.  I will not be deleting my blog–just the elderly posts.