Summer Bath Robe

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May Miscellany

Wish I could say I’d taken a spectacular vacation or something since the last time I posted, but, no it’s been life as usual. I’ve had a few *bad nights, but mostly it’s just stuff that needs to be done that has eaten up my time.  I cleaned out the Sewing Room Closet, as much as can be done.  It is also my off-season storage so there are clothes hanging and boxed year-round. It had a few UFO’s most notably the various unfinished pairs of 3418 pants. (That’s a big fat fail for me.) Those pants are destined to be next winter’s pj’s and have been boxed with the rest of the winter clothes. The only projects now hanging in the closet are the drapery fabric for the living room and the summer bathrobe to be completed shortly. IOW the Sewing Room closet is now devoid of everything except the winter coats in storage and the current projects.  Yeah!!!

While I did a lot of cleaning and mending the biggest project was switching winter for summer clothes.  This year summer arrived abruptly and about 3 weeks early. As I switched seasonal clothing I realized my summer sleep-wear consisted of 2 tank tops and a T-shirt. All 3 are candidates for disposal. But I need sleepwear. Being in desperate need of cooler sleepers, I opted to pair the T-shirt with a pair of long johns.  After amputating the legs and adding binding, I have at least one reasonably OK set:

Believe me, I’ve worn worse. So have you (don’t try to  tell me you haven’t slept in your husband’s ratty T-shirts.) However, first on my sewing list are new summer pj’s.

With that, let the sewing commence.



*Like many middle-age and elderly Americans and along with a few other chronic but controlled conditions,  I suffer with reflux. Mine is compounded by Barretts disease. It keeps me up and miserable; usually ruins my next day as well.  I

Flutter Sleeve

This is a sneak peak at a project that has not even commenced. Look close enough and you should be able to tell that’s all simply fabric folded around a hanger with a lovely neckline trim clipped in place. Pretty?  But I have some specifics in mind. They sort of arrived full blown like the goddess that sprung from her father’s mind.  Ignoring his trouble, my own are due to not having the exact sleeve stil I am envisioning.  …


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