For my browns

Let me explain. After much thought about my wardrobe and the change to retired life, I finally settled on a wardrobe of 3 basic colors: Black, Blue and Brown.  In my closet no matter the time of year, are black bottoms, blue bottoms and brown bottoms. Same thing with 3rd layers. Oh and mostly I keep these plain. No prints although I might use and interesting weave or a very subtle print. I concentrate on making my tops interesting.

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Cutwork: Garment Pattern


I’ve reached the point of understanding how to produce cutwork with my various tools. Can’t use the Dream Machine right now so that means I need to use either the Cricut, the Fiskars Cutter or the PE770. I’ve chosen to use the Cricut because I’ll only have to “hoop” twice (once front once back) and it makes beautiful, smooth cuts. To use the Cricut, I’ll need to change my plans. No longer can I contemplate working the entire front (or back) of a T-shirt at one time. So that means breaking the garment into smaller portions that will fit on the Cricut mat.

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Cuts and Slashes at the Machine

I’m continuing to do well after chemo. I actually have visible hair.  All salt and pepper. But chemo does impose limitations. The worst of which, for me, is the limitation on the number of times I can go up/downstairs which is where I have fun with my sewing and crafts. I’ve started juggling projects i.e. working on at least 2 at a time. I’ll go downstairs work as far as I can with one project. Set it aside and work on a second and maybe a third. It’s not the crafts that tire me out. It’s the going up/downstairs.

One of the projects I’ve taken on is the task of creating my own cutwork patterns using the tools at hand. Unlike  purchased cutwork files, this has been come a very long and involved project.  I am sharing the first of several posts today of my quest for Non-traditional Cutwork.


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Easy Asymmetrical Hem

Cancer Update:  Just had my 5th treatment Friday May 24th.  My joints hurt and I smell like a Ben Gay factory–the result of trying to ease the ache.  But I am not miserable. In fact, I’m happy to distract myself by sharing an easy way to create an asymmetrical hem:

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When ideas collide…

On the cancer front:  I am happy to share that this infusion was not bad when compared to the previous 3. I did not have nausea or vomiting probably because I started my pills early and took them religiously.  My hip, knee and ankles joints hurt, ached more than ever before.  I used ibuprofen and a heating cream to control the discomfort.  I was so weak. Then I  was unable to sit, stand or lay down for long periods of time. That resulted in a lack of sleep and some jitteriness. It began Sunday afternoon. Was the worst on Monday and Tuesday eased markedly.  I was still weak for a couple of days but I feel like I got off easy this time. Psst don’t tell my doc.

So this post is really to share a easily created, trendy garment using your already fitted Tshirt pattern.

If you haven’t fit your T-shirt pattern it’s going to take a bit longer than the 1 hour I clocked.

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On the Cancer Front

With so many praying for me, I felt an update was due.  I visited my oncologist on Monday, Apr 30. He was very pleased with my healing/recovery and that the biopsy of the “stuff” removed had shown that the cancer had been dead and nearly all of it removed from within the tumour membranes.  Even my GYN said this was remarkable, practically unheard of.  Naturally, I credit your prayers. My body did the work, but I’m sure your prayers were the push needed.

I was feeling really good at that Apr 30 visit.  Still not like before but much better than since Dec.  The oncologist said that’s what he wanted but it was time to start the next round of chemo.  We’re going to clean up all the microscopic stuff he could have missed. He scheduled and I received my First Infusion of the Second Round of Chemo treatments Friday, May 3.

Friday was mostly boring. Saturday and Sunday I was sewing.  Have a cute knit top to share but need pics. Which I won’t have for several days as the chemo hit me hard Sunday about 4.  I ache. I am weak. But I am not as bad as any of the chemo infusions in the first round.  I’m taking it easy for a few days. As soon as I can, I’ll get those pics. I want to share my cute top.