Re-Musling SP-195

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The Ribbon Jeans

I wanted to continue the re-fit of 906 but at the same time do something a little different. I didn’t work with the front pockets again because, well they can actually disguise issues. But I thought to do something different with the pockets. I wanted it to be something quick. I will forever think of these as My Ribbon Jeans:

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Pink Jeans

A few weeks ago, I was shopping.  Clothes shopping which is something I really don’t do often. I looked up, across the racks and realized that every rack had at least 1 garment in a lovely muted rose. It’s a color I love, although the charts say it isn’t for me.  I still wear it because while it doesn’t make me look my healthiest, it does give me an ethereal appearance which I do like.  (Personally, I think colors, wardrobe, accessories should be a reflection of what you want to project rather than how they say you should look.) I have a stack of these fabrics. I buy them when they are available but usually sew only when the color is trending. It hasn’t be trending in some time. So I excitedly eyed my stack of fabrics and asked, why not pink jeans?

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